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Park Place Realty Network 

A Real Estate Referral & License Holding Company

About Us

When Jim Weinberg came home from serving in the Vietnam War as a Marine, he began selling real estate in Orlando, in April of 1970, and has been an expert in the field ever since. In 1972, Jim and a partner opened Park Place Associates and enjoyed much success with this company. As central Florida’s largest real estate company, they made the decision to sell to Merrill Lynch in 1982. Jim Weinberg has owned several other real estate companies over the years but has always dreamed of making Park Place a household name once again.

In the spring of 2010, Jim Weinberg partnered with his son, Jeremy Weinberg, to bring Park Place back! The new Park Place Realty Network was established in March of 2010 and the doors opened to their new Longwood office in April of 2010. Jim and Jeremy are excited to bring their combined skills together and make Park Place a success once again! Jim’s experience and wisdom, and Jeremy’s excitement and drive, guarantee that Park Place Realty Network will continue to be an industry leader! 

Park Place Realty Network is the fastest growing Real Estate Referral Company. We have over 500+ active Agents, living throughout 4 continents worldwide and are active brokers in 3 states. The formula behind our success is simple... Customer Service! All of our Agents are our customers and, without them, there would be no "us". The plan for Park Place Realty Network, in the future, is to continue to grow but to never sacrifice the customer service that we provide our Agents.


Jim Weinberg

Real Estate Broker/Owner

Jeremy Weinberg

Real Estate Broker/Owner


Office Location:

1230 Commerce Park Drive, Suite 108

Longwood, FL 32779

*We are easily able to handle our worldwide network through one location. 

1230 Commerce Park Drive, Longwood FL 32779. Park Place Realty Network LLC http://www.parkplacenetwork.com