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Get the list of ALL New Florida Real Estate Licensees every quarter for Free

We provide this list to our affiliated brokers throughout Florida. This list is very beneficial for our affiliated Brokers in helping them recruit new real estate agents throughout Florida who are in the process of getting their license. This is a great tool to contact these new agents to work for you with multiple marketing avenues. 


Below are the fields included in our list for the entire state of Florida:





City, State, Zip


Exam Eligible or New Applicants

Date they request to take the State exam

*As of 11/10/17, the list size is 36,147.

In order to become an affiliated Broker with us and receive the new licensee list, you must qualify for 1 of the 3 items below:

1. Input the below image on your website in one of your main links with a link back to the home page of our website www.ParkPlaceNetwork.com. 

2. Recruit at least one agent every 6 months into our license holding company. 

3. Or, you can always purchase this list from us for $175. The new list comes out every 3 months.