We can Activate Florida, Georgia 
& North Carolina Licensees! 

Park Place Realty Network, LLC

The Leading Real Estate Referral & License Holding Company. 

Brokers, any inactive agents that you refer to place their license with us will be your agents for future referral business & will go back to you when they go full-time again.

Build your network in the largest independent real estate referral company in Florida! 

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  • When the agent that you refer to our company is ready to go full-time again, we will encourage them to go back active with your brokerage.

  •  Any leads they refer to your area will be encouraged to go back to your brokerage to be serviced.
  •  Receive referral leads from our referral company of over 300 agents.
  • Find out how you can get a boost for your website by reciprocal linking with our website which is top on the goggle searched. See below.

Reciprocal linking

Reciprocal linking websites is one of the best ways to help your search results on Google and other searches for your website. We agree to put your website link, company name, and company phone number under our affiliate section, as long as you do the same with our company on your website. Google our website and you will see that we are one of the top real estate referral companies in the U.S. in the search results page. Fill out the form to the right if you would like to reciprocal link with us. 

We have over 200+ Florida agents in 22 states and all over Florida. When you are on our website, we will market your company to our agents as a local Broker for them to contact if they decide to go full-time. 

We want to be your referral company

All Brokerages have agents who are in and out of the business. Give your agent the option to place their Florida real estate license under our license holding company until they are able to sell full-time again. All leads that they refer in your territory automatically go back to your company. When they are ready to work full-time again, we will let them know to contact you. Our company is only focused on referrals and license holding, we are not part of the board of Realtors or the MLS and we guarantee we will send them back your way once they are ready to sell full-time again. 

We are also the fastest growing referral company in Florida with over 200 active agents and growing. By using Park Place as your referral company we will also keep you in mind with any referral leads that we receive through are large network of Active agents who live all over the world.

Take a look at our website to see the benefits that we provide to our agents.