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What real estate agents should know about moving

Posted by Park Place Realty Network on February 11, 2021 at 4:05 PM

Whether it's an acquisition or intention of selling a house, a person will likely commit to asking for professional assistance. If a buyer is unfamiliar with the local housing market or lacks negotiation skills, searching for a trusted real estate agent can be of significant importance. Real estate agents should be gatekeepers of a client's new life phase. Looking for a new house can take a particular amount of time. If it takes too long or if unexpected issues arise, the moving experience itself can feel like a heavy burden. Besides that, changing home can be quite an emotional process. They might need someone objective to save their emotions from sabotaging their right decisions. Real estate agents should know how to stand firmly on their ground. With well-shaped skills and absolute confidence, you can safely guide a client through the whole buying or selling process, as well as assist with moving arrangements to the new location. Therefore, to provide their client with the best possible service, there are a few things real estate agents should know about moving.

Navigating the housing market


Once you learn everything about your local market, you always naturally predict all possible changes. By becoming an expert in property analysis, you will be up to date with the newest market trends. The best way to keep your clients updated about the local market is by owning a blog about it. You should stick to the educational and informative aspect of your blog. You can write about top sales on the market or some latest insights. Not only is it helpful for your clients, but it can make you an even more reliable person to lean on. You can attract a variety of visitors and always evolve your expertise. It can be a great way to set yourself apart from others and assert yourself as an authority in the real estate field.

Importance of having external contacts


Information spreads at tremendous velocity nowadays, especially in the business world. Great business connections make more than half percent of the work done. During the moving process, it's expected of you to have a determined contact list of third-party professionals. House inspectors, attorneys, contractors, and moving companies are just some of the many experts that should be on your contact list. You should be able to count on them as your partners. Also, being in continuous touch with other agents keeps you informed about different buyers' interests. Many purchase regulations are essential to keep in mind and are shared continuously among agents. Having external contacts is what every professional real estate agent should have. It improves their efficiency and strengthens loyalty among clients.


Real estate agents should know how to be assertive.


Every real estate agent should have excellent communication skills. As the crucial part of every successfully worked out deal, his ability to listen and comprehend will play the central role. Whether you are talking to vendors, buyers, or your colleagues, the tone of your voice should be in accordance with your body language. Sometimes the words lose meaning if the body movements send another message to the listener. Therefore, focusing on developing the proper communication skills can significantly expand your productivity and overall quality of the service you offer. Another indispensable communication skill is the art of active listening. For some people, the relocation process can be quite stressful. Sometimes the clients won't know how to express their needs. The relationship between a real estate agent and a client should be open and comfortable. That way, you, as an agent, can easily help resolve any potential doubts or answer questions that may arise. By listening to your clients carefully and with a dose of empathy, you can better grasp what they are going through, what their needs are, and how you can assist.

Real estate agents should know the right way to look for a qualified moving company.



Is someone looking for a home of their dreams, and they need to find it quickly? A real estate agent is responsible for making their wishes come true. Is someone looking for a way to transport their valuables to their new home? A well-informed real estate agent will provide help making the right choice. They will know what the qualities of a trustworthy moving company are and how to spot potential scammers. So, what happens when a client hires the right agent and reliable movers? A perfect partnership that will enable turning this daunting task into a well-designed and constructive plan. Therefore, the primary thing real estate agents should know about moving is what the people who are moving are going through. Only that way can they help their clients through this period. With a long list of contacts, they can quickly check all moving company characteristics. Any potential scams that can arise during the search can be prevented successfully. Verifying numerous movers can be quite challenging and cause even more pressure. So, helping the clients find the right company will save them a lot of time and energy and win you some valuable referrals.


Safe relocation of home utilities.


Most real estate agents know how tense the moving process can get due to the clients' busy schedules. Some crucial parts of the relocation process are easily forgotten. When the client's head gets lost in the clouds, the real estate agent is there to remind them of the most indispensable components of the moving checklist. One of them is transferring utilities to their brand new house. For some reason, clients tend to leave this task for the end. However, this is not the best course of action as a lot of issues can develop when the time for dealing with such a complicated task finally comes. A real estate agent is conscious of the importance of thinking in advance and preventing any problems.

So, an agent should have a list of all the utilities you will have to transfer.

Those are usually internet providers, gas, electricity, water, and waste disposal. Real estate agents always have the most accurate information at hand. They are familiar with quality providers located near your new home. They know which documents are required once you begin the process. Also, in case you wish to keep your old zip code, you can always choose to keep your current providers.


When someone faces a significant life change like this, a real estate agent is their closest and the most reliable person to turn to. It's their responsibility and obligation to make everything look manageable and straightforward. Most people are looking for professional and licensed agents who are dedicated and have a flexible schedule. They are paid to work hard to facilitate the communication between the main parties and hold up the client's end of the bargain. Long years of expertise and credibility gained over time are essential when choosing a reputable real estate agent. And when you add everything real estate agents should know about moving, you become a professional that can cater to every possible client’s need.

Written by: Lisa Robert with US Home Experts


Tips for building a relationship with clients as a real estate agent

Posted by Park Place Realty Network on January 8, 2021 at 1:10 PM

Right next to a strong knowledge-base, building and nurturing relationships with your clients is the backbone of eminence in the real estate business. Statistics show that buyers and sellers are most likely to trust either a referral from a friend or a family member or exquisite testimonials from satisfied clients to find their real estate agent. Both referrals and testimonials result from building a relationship with clients as their real estate agent. Although it requires a great deal of time, energy, and devotion to establish trust, it always pays off.

Treat them as individuals

Instead of treating your clients merely as a lucrative transaction opportunity or just another appointment, take an interest in them as individuals.

● Treat them with basic respect. Firstly, showing that you identify with your client as a person shows respect, which they deserve. Moreover, it guarantees a kind of personalized experience every customer wants.

● Listen to them. Every purchase or sale is a unique journey, made up of lots of variables and deviations depending on your clients' specific interests and concerns. So, take careful note of, and show genuine interest in their worries, ideas, thoughts, and requests. That will be the crucial factor in building trust and establishing a quality relationship with your clients. In other words, your clients will repay it with loyalty, which will make your business sustainable in the long run.

● Value their time. If you want to build trust and respect in business, you need to meet your deadlines, show up to your appointments, and be punctual. Don't cancel or reschedule your meetings last-minute because this tells your clients that you have little or no consideration for their precious time. In case something affects your ability to honor a deadline or be at a meeting, contact your clients as soon as you can to explain, apologize, and set a different date.

● Care about them. Simply selling a home is not your full job description. Your job is to make your clients' satisfaction your priority. That includes catering to your clients' needs and genuinely caring about their specific situation.



Make integrity the foundation of your work

Honesty and transparency are some of the most valued traits in a real estate agent. Therefore, during the check-ins and meetings with your clients, make sure to provide full disclosures and detailed information about any important changes occurring during the process. Instead of bold claims and idealistic promises, your clients would be much more appreciative of a trusted advisor who has realistic expectations and follows through. Always be direct about what you can and cannot do in specific circumstances, and only make promises you can keep. In case you make a mistake, don't be afraid of owning up to it. And, in case you change your view or opinion on something, don't be scared to admit it. Doing so makes you appear that much trustworthy to your clients.

Provide resources

Supplying your client base with resources includes publishing helpful and creative content about the real estate trends, tips, new ideas, experiences, your perspective, and the industry in general. Regular useful, informative updates on your blog have turned out to have a positive effect on the relationship with your long-term clients, attracting a fan base, as well as proving to the prospects that you both care and have a lot of knowledge and expertise to offer. Take, for example, relocation companies like Straight Shot Moving, which regularly update their blogs with tips on making the moving process as smooth as possible. Such an online presence helps establish an image as someone who is client-oriented and constantly seeking new ways, tips, and strategies that can be useful to your clients. It works both as a support system for your clients and a marketing strategy for your business.

Learn from your audience

Even better, engage with your target audience. Post charts or questions on your social media account to find out what your audience thinks about various subjects. Find out if they have any opinion on the matter, questions, or even tips or advice for how you can perfect your craft. Showing that you value their ideas is bound to facilitate a quality relationship between an estate agent and a client.

Express your gratitude

Don't be fixated only on welcoming new clients. Instead, express your gratitude to your existing client base as well. Show that you care by rewarding them with special discounts, reward program offers, exclusive freebies, etc. Add a personal touch by remembering your client's specific circumstances, and deliver a small, thoughtful gift on their moving day. Even something as simple as a quick phone call to see how they've settled in their new residence or a handwritten "thank you" card can earn you some referrals. Remember that common courtesy works miracles when building a relationship with clients. Therefore, do not hesitate with expressions of gratitude, and always look for new ways to show how thankful you are.

Conduct regular check-ins

Regular communication is key to building a relationship with clients as a real estate agent. For this reason, you need to provide a way for your clients to contact you whenever they need to discuss something with you. Responsiveness and fast turnaround time go a long way, so make sure they can reach you at all times. Furthermore, keeping them up-to-date about the developments and progress will be much appreciated. Regular feedback and appointments show them how dedicated you are to their cause and success.

Build your network

While on the subject of resources, your value will also be measured by the connections you have. Focusing on building your network will significantly promote your position and establish you as an expert. For example, when the time comes for your client to move to their new home, you will be able to recommend a reputable moving company. Florida has to offer great local service, so your clients can relax knowing they're in good hands. When you're able to provide your clients with a great deal of off-market information and connections they might need in the process, you become that much more valuable to them.



Show your human side

It's perfectly ok, if not even desirable, to show your human side to your clients when the time seems fitting. If everything is about business all the time, building a relationship with clients becomes nearly impossible for a real estate agent. In other words, because of that kind of robot behavior, the two parties will have a hard time relating as human beings. So, when appropriate, don't hesitate to share a few laughs and get to know your clients better.


Written by: Lisa Robert with US Home Experts




Real estate marketing ideas and trends for 2020

Posted by Park Place Realty Network on October 21, 2020 at 12:20 AM

As a real estate agent, your marketing efforts are what can set you apart from the competition. However, will all the changes brought on by COVID-19, standing out from the crowd has become even more vital. So, we figured that now is the perfect time to share with you some of the best real estate marketing ideas and trends for 2020.

You have to stay on top of your game if you want your business to grow. As we all know, lead generation is an essential aspect of your marketing efforts. The more leads you have, the higher your chances of closing a deal. While real estate referral programs are a step in the right direction, there are many more tactics you can employ.

The social media marketing game is your most important asset

With time, we all became more conscious of how vital brand building is. People will trust you more if they recognize your identity, and the situation is similar when it comes to social media.

Nowadays, these platforms are the most effective tool for generating leads in the real estate industry. Think about it and leverage the use of media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Feel free to experiment, reach out, engage, and build new relationships with your clients.

Always keep connections with your previous clients as well, even when the deal has been closed. This will help with promoting your products and building authority in your niche. The three things you need to keep in mind are:

● Share content that is relevant

● Answer comments and questions

● Always be in the social media circle

Follow up on old and create new leads

Building on the previous topic, this is another crucial point that many real estate agents seem to forget about. Never neglect stalled leads. If a customer isn't ready to make a purchase right away, don't forget about them or delete them from your contact list, as this will benefit no one.

Call them back, or at least send an email after a few months have passed. However, be careful not to make them feel cornered or pressured to buy. Just give them a notice that you didn't forget about them and that you're there if they need your services.

Another thing you can do to boost your prospects is to partner with companies that are in the industries closely connected to yours. If you pair up with moving companies, home decor businesses, and contractors, you'll be able to offer useful tips to your customers at all times. You will leave an impression of knowledge and trust, and that is precisely what you want to achieve.

Get quality testimonials

As we all know, word of mouth can have a significant impact on the success of any business. Not only if you're doing business locally, but even if you're an agent working with international clients. Those looking to purchase a home are likely to ask their friends or family for recommendations.

And that's why getting good testimonials is still one of the current real estate marketing ideas and trends. They'll help build and make your credibility even stronger. You shouldn't shy away from asking your past clients to leave a helpful review or tell their friends about your services.

You'll be amazed by just how many constructive and honest testimonials you can get simply by asking. Of course, you need to do everything in your power to ensure that your clients have a positive experience from working with you if you want them to leave such a review.

Build a mobile-friendly website

Having a website is essential in this day and age, as it represents your virtual business card. The real estate and relocation industries are closely connected, and if you check out spydermoving.com, you will see how the latter has significantly benefited from establishing a site.

The best thing is that your website doesn't have to be complicated or look expensive. The most important things are that it is user friendly and optimized for mobile devices. Having a website of your own ensures a cohesive online presence in your niche, and if you decide to switch brokerage in the future, you won't lose anything.

Develop your own or join a referral system

Referrals are another one of the fail-proof lead generation strategies. Whether you decide to join an existing program or rely solely on your connections, these contacts are highly valuable and reliable.

This is just one more reason to stay connected with your previous clients. These people are your best advocates. Even your friends and family can be a source of leads. When someone vouches for your service, you can offer them certain discounts as a thank you.

Always strive to give the best service possible, and show that you appreciate them trusting you. After everything is done, you can ask for a referral. Make it a habit, and you'll benefit from this immensely.

Strengthen your network

One thing you should keep in mind is that real estate is a people business. This means that for agents, the imperative is to build their connections with partners, suppliers, and client base. Typically, the best way to do this is by attending seminars, conferences, and membership group meetings.

Nowadays, however, these things are a bit restricted. So, make it your goal to do the same thing but using your online presence. Use all of our real estate marketing ideas and trends for 2020, and we're sure you won't have any problems achieving what you set out to do.


Written by: Lisa Robert with US Home Experts


How Working from Home Will Impact Real Estate

Posted by Park Place Realty Network on September 17, 2020 at 5:20 PM

The world is changing before our eyes. We are able to see how big technological improvements change lives every day. For example, in 2010 just 1.8 billion people had access to high-speed internet connections. By 2016 that number almost doubled. It seems that by the end of 2021, you'll be able to get WiFi pretty much anywhere on the globe.

Additionally, things like the coronavirus pandemic have only sped this process up as more and more people simply have to work from home. In the last few months, even we real estate agents got their square share of working from home. So, what can we expect to get out of it, and how exactly will working from home impact real estate? Well, we're here to find out.

Expensive work centers will become less desired

As we all know, the cost of real estate is very high in large cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. We all dream about selling those and working in such a major employment hub. Some even succeed. However, with more and more people working remotely, not many people will have to live so close to their work.

Therefore, if you're looking for strategies to grow your real estate business in 2020, make sure to look further than these main hubs. Many companies move to places where the quality of life is high but job prospects low, and those are the ones you should focus on. We'll see the ascending values of the properties in the nicest vacation spots and some locations that are not that desirable now but will become more wanted. But that's just the first of many examples of how working from home will impact real estate.


Workers will stay out of downtown

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford or be able to work from home every day. Some employees want to see their teams together more often than others. However, recent studies have shown that almost 50% of Americans would like to work remotely at least some amount of time. And this newfound freedom will soon be widely available, so we can expect to see many more young professionals settling down in small towns, like Exeter.

People are willing to commute a little longer if they have to do it only a few times a week. In addition, they get a bigger home, a nicer car, better schools, and prettier neighborhoods. Simply put, a better quality of life. It's a no brainer, really.

Demand will develop for different specific housing features

Home offices are more important now than they have ever been. Nowadays, no one wants to work from their sofa or a Starbucks. Although it's easy to integrate the office space into a single-family home, with multifamily ones it's a little bit harder. Especially if we're talking about rentals.

However, there is one rising trend that some multifamily homeowners are adopting. Co-working spaces can be a major hit and success. Implementing some of the tech gadgets that can boost the value of your commercial property into these co-working rooms can be very beneficial. So, when picking the next houses to work on, be sure to remember this.

However, that does not mean the popularity of cities is going anywhere. Although it's predicted that many people will choose more affordable destinations, the demand for the downtown areas will stay pretty much the same.

There's a lot of restaurants, entertainment options, and cultural events there and that's not easy to replicate in the suburbs. So, although the type of people living downtown may change, there surely won't be a decrease in the number of residents in it.


Be at the right place at the right time

If there's one thing that we've learned from history is that in our world, succeeding in business is all about giving people what they want just when they need it. As our friends from Preferred Movers NH state, this is exactly what revolutionized the moving industry all those years ago. Flexible workspace and traditional office solutions were everything then, but the future will look a little bit different.

Your clients already have the option to choose a place to work from a thousand companies all over the world. This suits employers as well as now they have a global pit of talents to choose from. It's a win-win situation. But, where exactly do real estate agents fit in the whole story?

What to look for?

Big scores as we know them are gone. Traditional big office space rentals are behind us these days. Instead, think about working with satellite office spaces that are near residential areas. This way, the companies are paying for what they need and if you get in touch with lots of them, you can get yourself a nice commission.

Another way to go would be to work with international clients. A big number of large companies and corporations still need headquarters in the U.S., and that's where you step in. If you stay educated and in-sync with everything that's happening you can find your luck in this sphere also.



That's pretty much how working from home will impact real estate. The structure of people living downtown will change, suburbs will become even more popular, and many of us will migrate towards more affordable locations. When it comes to commercial space, flexibility is the key. Keep that in mind and you'll be perfectly fine.


Written by: Lisa Robert with US Home Experts


What does the design of your real estate office say about you?

Posted by Park Place Realty Network on August 14, 2020 at 5:30 PM

Whether you are an architect, a programmer, or a real estate agent – you need an office. As you can imagine, there are different types of offices. For some, it’s a small desk in their living room. For others, it’s the top floor of a skyscraper. And then there is everyone in between.

Regardless, the most important thing is that it suits your needs and budget. However, in order to fulfill its purpose, an office needs a couple things more. It needs something that will attract all those potential buyers, customers, and clients, right? Well, of course! Your office needs to present you and your services in the best possible light.

As a real estate agent, you are probably aware that keeping up appearances is really important. If so, have you thought about what the design of your real estate office says about you? Fear not, we are here to help you answer that last question. Thus, if this is something that may interest you, keep on reading. Who knows, maybe it will even inspire you to think of some strategies that can help you grow your real estate business as well.

Location, Location, Location!

You, as a real estate agent, already know that location is what sells a property when all is said and done. Bear in mind that the location of your real estate office is just as important as the locations of the real estate you are trying to sell.

For example, if your office is in Beverly Hills, you are telling all your clients that you are working with luxury homes. If your office is in the San Francisco urban area, you are telling your clients that you are working with condos and apartments which are located in smart buildings of trendy urban areas. Following this logic, having a basement office in an unassuming building will perhaps send the wrong message to any potential clients. You might seem suspicious and like you will provide them with an experience that they would rather avoid.

As you can see, the location of your real estate office says a lot about you as a business person. Have that in mind when especially if you are planning to move into a new space. Location is the thing that can both make and break your real estate business.

Care and Attention to Detail

Your office can be equipped with the best furniture, expensive art pieces, and filled with electronics worth thousands and thousands of dollars. What will all this say about you? It will say that you mean business and that you take your job seriously.

However, giving off the right vibe doesn’t have to break the bank. It is also important to show that you care about your clients. That is, you need to show that your office cares and appreciates each and every client who walks through your door. How can you achieve that? Well, you can try to make everything look comfy and cozy. Do that by using comfortable furniture, scented candles, plants, flowers, etc. Offering tea, coffee or a cold beverage to your clients when they come in.

Always keep in mind that buying a home is a big step for the individual, couple or family who hired you. Thus, make sure both you and your office show care, security, and the ability to make their dreams come true. Paying attention to every detail is a quality clients value the most in a real estate agent.

Staying Up to Date

Staying up to date is another crucial quality all real estate agents must possess! It is a quality all businesses must possess, for that matter. The same applies to the office you are working in. Staying ahead of the curve shows that you care about your work and are always doing it to the best of your ability. This should be reflected in your office as well. Having out of date furniture or gadgets will send the wrong message to your clients.

So, if, for example, you decide to leave New York and start over in Florida, make sure you find an office that will say that you are up to date with everything. Do the same with furniture, equipment, and even with office supplies. Make that new office ooze confidence. If moving is not an option, renovate and remodel your current office as much as you can. Make sure that you give it a look that shows that you are following the latest trends in interior design and you will not have to worry about losing your clients at all.


Even if you want to limit the amount you spend on the design of your real estate office, you should still try to make it look as expensive as possible. It must show that you are doing well and have no problems finding new clients. If it does not, again, your potential clients will be hesitant and probably try to avoid you. Neither you nor your office can seem desperate.

Of course, sometimes the budget does not allow relocation nor remodeling. In this case, there are other, cheaper things you can do to improve the looks of your real estate office. Luckily, we live in the age of technology where we can find almost anything online. Take advantage of that! Do your research on low-budget remodeling ideas. Invest in things that are in desperate need of changing and your clients will leave your real estate office assured that you will find them their dream home.

While we are on this topic, it would not hurt to mention that you always need to show that you, yourself, breathe money and success as well! It is what it takes to become a successful real estate agent. After all, you are the best representative of your business. So, do not stop investing in yourself either. We are not saying that you need to buy expensive suits, watches, or phones. Just make sure you are always dressed smart, oozing confidence and positivity.

Written by: Lisa Robert with US Home Experts


Can I sell real estate without being a Realtor/MLS member?

Posted by Park Place Realty Network on August 7, 2020 at 5:45 PM

We get this question a lot. Agents of ours are active with a valid real estate license, but we are not members of the Realtor or MLS associations. Since we are not members, you are not required to pay their membership fees which cost on average $1,500+ a year. By not being a member, it is just about impossible for you to work a residential real estate transaction. Below are a few of the reasons:

1. You will not have access to the MLS

By being a MLS member, you have great benefits, one of them being access to all properties in your local market that are available that are active. If you are not a member, you will not have access to what is available. If you think you can borrow another agent's username and passcode, think again, as they can track their active accounts through the IP address. 

2. Non-representative fees on the MLS

Within the MLS, the Realtor has a choice as to what the commission is to be paid to an agent that is a “non-rep”. Typically, they will put down 0%. If you do happen to write an offer and you are not a MLS member, the Realtor can then revert back to this non-rep fee and pay you nothing once the transaction closes.

3. The Realtor association owns the copyrights to their contracts

If you have reviewed a real estate contract, it was probably made by an attorney through the Realtor association. If you try and write an offer on a property with one of these contracts and you are not a Realtor member, you could be setting yourself up for a potential lawsuit. If you do find another contract that is not owned by the Realtor association, then the agent you do send it to will not recognize it.

4. Realtors get a special electronic key to access homes

The majority of homes that are active on the MLS nowadays have an electronic lockbox to access the home. This lockbox is great for the homeowners as it provides security to who can access the home, what times they come in, which agent was inside the home, and for how long. The problem is it can only be accessed through an electronic key in which only Realtor members have access.


If you are wanting to sell real estate in your local market, then joining your local board of Realtors and MLS is your best option. If you do not want to pay their annual fees and are interested in referring out your business to a top agent worldwide, while a Realtor does all the work for you, take a look at Park Place’s website.


Strategies to grow your real estate business in 2020

Posted by Park Place Realty Network on July 29, 2020 at 3:15 PM

Although surviving in a crowded industry such as real estate has proven to be an uphill battle, it is still no less than an enticing business to invest in. Consequently, after building the right foundation, any real estate agent, big or small, will look for ways to take their business’s growth to the next level, and stand out among the crowd. This article is meant to bring forth the fact that having the right strategies is the key to achieving the ultimate goal of any business – earning more profits. The right tactics will not only improve your chances of growing your real estate business in 2020, but will also help you avoid the errors that could potentially hijack your success as you grow.


Elevate your marketing plan to a whole new level

The fact is that today, most consumers start their search for property online. Creating a website for your real estate business will not only display potential clients what you have to offer, but will also help with building your customer loyalty.

Upgrade your website

However, if you want to get the most out of this kind of promotion and build your niche, your website needs to meet certain standards. In order for your audience to stick around, you will need to show your portfolio in an enticing manner.


What will go a long way are some HD or drone images, quality videos and info about neighborhoods, enjoyable and useful blog posts, instruction from professionals, market value data, search options by map or feature, etc.

Increase its visibility

Unquestionably, the high-quality content and good looks of your website are great both for cultivating customer trust as well as getting them to visit and take interest in your website. However, let’s be real - it will not be found on its own. It might cost some money upfront, but a solid, SEO-focused website is a crucial basis for every fruitful real estate business.


Although there’s an ongoing debate among business owners about whether strategies regarding SEO or SEM still work in 2020 or not, the reality is – they do! SEO is still one of the valuable marketing strategies to grow your real estate business in 2020, though many of the practices and methods have changed. Namely, Google has improved its understanding of the contexts of users’ searches and their genuine intent. Therefore, a much better practice is to create content that is optimized to provide valuable answers to users’ questions, than to focus on how often a specific keyword is used.

Devote to its promotion

Although having an eye-catching website is critical to your real estate success, it is only the first step. Namely, the traditional way of marketing is no longer sufficient in 2020. Instead, a new, state-of-the-art marketing strategy is the crux of reaching a more favorable position. It implies using numerous marketing strategies such as e-mail campaigns and social media marketing, through different mediums, to increase your website’s visibility. Social media sites are relatively low-cost, with the potential for huge outreach – so, if you haven’t already, learn how to use it to your advantage.


Differentiate yourself from your competition

Remember when we spoke about standing out from the crowd in 2020? The best way to accomplish this is by taking advantage of modern-day technology. For instance, you might want to think about utilizing some interesting methods to help you elevate your listings. For example:

● Virtual home tours improve the house hunt since they allow viewers to get to know the home's features before they can take a physical tour.

● Video tours of neighborhoods boost your listings as they allow you to show off amenities of a neighborhood in which a prospective buyer or renter is looking to buy a property. Moreover, with some guided tours to outsiders, you can perfectly display your knowledge of the area, which is one of the traits clients value the most in a real estate agent.


Establish yourself as an expert

The process of establishing authority in your field starts by providing useful information that will attract more clients. The ultimate ticket to your goal is content that appeals to your audience's wants, needs, and challenges. Whatever method you decide to use, the point is to think very carefully what makes you unique and then figure out how to build that into your overall brand. To reach a bigger audience, you can try:

● Writing a book or publishing articles. This will allow you to gain exposure and grow your real estate business by sharing your opinions.

● Teaching courses and workshops. These offer the benefits of proving your expertise and building trust, and ideas are various. For instance, you can educate your audience about home-buying basics. Moreover, to show that you truly care about their experience, you can include some additional helpful tips for when they finally select their dream home, such as directing them to experts from getmovedtoday.com that could take care of their relocation process.

● Hosting online events. You can opt for teleseminars or webinars with the help of a virtual platform instead of presenting face-to-face. If you don't already have a solid following, start by offering events for free to build your audience and grow your mailing list.

● Sponsoring local events, sports teams, or building projects. Sponsorships are a great way to both advertise your business and make a difference in your community.

● Volunteering. By creating your own project for the community, you can show that you truly care about its residents and promote your business at the same time.

Invest in the commercial property sector

If you have been thinking about expanding your investments into the commercial property sector and are ready to make the leap, let us break it down for you. Commercial property investment is considered to be extremely profitable, especially in 2020. Generally, this is because of higher income potential, longer leases, lower vacancy rates, and less competition when compared to other types of real estate. However, in order for this investment to pay off in 2020, potential commercial investors should definitely do their homework.


It would be best to not only research top areas for overall investment prospects, but also keep up with the trends and changes that are going to shape the future of this sector. Moreover, it is always a great idea to maintain a good relationship with your clients. The reason? Well, for example, changing the location of your business in Florida is a cause to start looking for a real estate agent and a new space to set up your office. And, if it just so happens that some of your former clients have a friend or a relative in such a situation, maintaining the relationship with your former clients will enhance the prospects of your name being the first in mind.

Recession-proof your real estate business

The reality is that real estate market experiences natural cycles, and if you haven’t already crafted a plan for weathering the storm, the time is now! Moreover, the novel coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on the US real estate market and economy, and the possibility of a 2020 recession should not be excluded. If you’re serious about growing your real estate business during a slow market, then you’ll have to recession-proof your business. This includes your income, expenses, operations, and marketing.

Achieve boss-level organization

CRM software systems are incredibly useful in the real estate business, because home buying is a very lengthy process, and these offer cutting edge business management with minimal wasted time. What is more, you don’t have to break the bank to get one. You will be able to regulate leads, track your lead generation campaign, organize your contacts, upload all documentation, and follow all current real estate trends.



Written by: Lisa Robert with US Moving Experts


Useful tips for agents working with international clients

Posted by Park Place Realty Network on July 7, 2020 at 2:30 PM

Working as a real estate agent takes a lot of time and dedication. It also requires an immense amount of responsibility, as it means being in a position of trust and respect. However, when it comes to agents working with international clients, it can be even more complex. Having to manage someone's purchase of property without them physically present is something that takes skill and resourcefulness. Luckily, there are some tips that will help set you apart from other real estate agents.

Finding clients

Finding clients can be a bit tricky when you're an agent working with overseas buyers and sellers. One of the reasons being that traveling across the world and settling down isn't something that people do as often as moving locally. This ultimately means that your clientele isn't as wide as if you were to have a local practice.

Nonetheless, seeing how we live in a world where physical distance no longer poses a big problem, working with international clients isn't as demanding as it would have been before.

The option of using a real estate referral company as a medium

Getting familiar with the advantages of real estate referral programs is something that every real estate agent working with foreign clients should think about. This way, you'll have a trustworthy company representing you and you'll completely break the barrier of international cooperation.

Ask the pros

Taking the time to ask around and really learn the ropes of becoming an agent that's successfully working with international clients is what will guarantee your success. Getting a how-to manual from the best of the best is a great way to gain experience without putting a lot of work into it.

Of course, if you don't personally know a good real estate agent who works with international clients, there are other ways of getting in touch with them. There are programs through which you can take courses from professionals in your field and really dig into the secrets of success.

Stay educated

Apart from staying informed via other agents working with international clients, it's important to have a good grasp of your field through other sources as well.

Investing in your knowledge will take your services to another level which won't go unnoticed. This won't only result in being able to present a couple of well-established certificates, although that's a valid reason too. It will also keep you on the lookout for anything new and make doing your job much more simple and interesting.

Success takes time

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to become reliable real estate agents with a worldwide network of clients is thinking that recognition will come right away. No matter how good you are, there's always going to be someone better. Patience is a virtue that you can't do without if you want to prosper in this business. Take some time to really decide whether you want this or not.

Pair up with another company

A great way to upgrade your service, other than working with real estate referral programs, is pairing up with other professionals that are close to your field. Offering additional services as a part of your package while guaranteeing equal quality will surely appeal to international customers.

Since purchasing a home often goes alongside relocating, moving companies are a great option for a partnership. Their service needs to be in alignment with yours, and cooperating with professionals that are flexible and reliable such as U. Santini Moving and Storage is something that will give your company or brand a lot of integrity.

Get some insight

Successful professionals working with international clients will all tell you one thing when it comes to the secret of their success - know what the clients value most in a real estate agent.

Usually, the first thing that anyone who is looking to move across the ocean is efficiency. Finding real estate agents quickly and efficiently is something that they truly appreciate. However, getting and staying on the radar isn't always easy. Here are some ways to achieve this:

● Ads

Staying on the radar by using different kinds of advertising has proven to be a good way.

● Connections

Making connections in your line of business is a sure way to gain new clients.

● Hard work

Being competent and working hard on your goals is the best testimony of your businesses' quality.

Understand that each client is different

Being flexible with your clients is something that won't go unnoticed. Taking the time to understand what your international clients are asking of you as an agent makes working with them much easier and more fulfilling. What's more, it will elevate your service and attract more customers.

Try to come up with some ways of getting the desired information from your client. Presenting them with a multi optional questionnaire where they will give you all the relevant information has shown to be a good resource of knowledge for agents working with international clients.

Know the potential hardships of working with international clients

If you want to become one of the best agents that are working with overseas clients, you need to face the facts objectively. This requires taking the time to realize the problems that you are bound to face.

Two of the biggest problems for agents working with international clients are the language barrier and not having direct contact with your clients. Both of these problems can be overcome to a degree. You can always have a translator or chat via Skype. However, you will never fully have the connection that you would have in person, and that is perfectly fine. What it really means is that you will need to find other areas where you can make up for this slight inconvenience.


Written By: Lisa Robert with US Moving Experts


What clients value the most in a real estate agent

Posted by Park Place Realty Network on June 21, 2020 at 1:45 PM

Finding clients as a real estate agent can often be quite difficult. While there is no shortage of real estate, there is usually quite a competition between real estate agents within an area. So, finding clients is not so much about being available, but more about standing out from your competitors. To do this, you need to know what clients value the most in a real estate agent and how to portray these aspects. Luckily, we are here to help you out.

Aspects that clients value the most in a real estate agent

Right off the bat, we need to say that there is no real estate agent that is going to be suitable for every client. Some like their real estate agent to be energetic and to plaster them with ideas. While others prefer for their real estate agent to hear them out and to accommodate them as best as possible. Some like theirs to be eloquent and to use professional terminology. Meanwhile, others like theirs to be down to earth and speak in normal terms. But, while it may seem that every client prefers a different real estate agent, there are certain traits that every client will value. And, as luck would have it, these aspects are something you can work. So, what we will do in this article is to focus on these aspects and how you can best portray them to your client.


Before a client ever speaks a word with you in person, they are likely to research you online. And if there is one thing that clients don't like, it's when finding info about their potential real estate agent is hard. Your goal, especially when it comes to online presence, is to be as open as possible.

How to portray this

Whether you have your own website or you have a profile on a company's website, try to give all the necessary info in a straightforward manner. Make sure to mention that you have the necessary paperwork and to list any testimonials or prior clients they can check with. If you affiliate with a moving company like Vision Movers, make sure to mention it. Ideally, you should also have your track record online to show how experienced you are. The more you can present yourself as an open book, the better.


Venturing into real estate is risky for any person. So, it stands to reason that one of the more aspects that clients value the most in a real estate agent is reliability. Every person wants to have someone reliable at their side when dealing with real estate. So, the more you can come off as reliable and trustworthy, the better.

How to portray this

This closely ties with the openness that we mentioned before, but it also has another element. Namely, in order to come off as reliable, you will need to forthcoming and honest during your interview with the client. Don't shy away from expressing your thoughts, even if the client may not like them. The more you can come off as fair and straightforward, the more your clients will feel that they can rely on you.

Knowledge of the local area

Your goal, as a real estate agent, is to help your clients navigate the local real estate market. Therefore, most clients will value you much more if you have good knowledge of your local area. After all, they are relying on you to get a good price for them, whether they are buying or selling. So, you need to come off as having your finger on the pulse of local real estate trends.

How to portray this

When talking with your clients, make sure to mention various facts about the are. Also, don't shy away from talking a bit about the local history and about the neighbors. If you don't know much about this, educate yourself. Notify them about numerous services that might ease the relocation process for them. You need to make your clients feel that you know all the ins and outs of local housing and that with you they will be able to make the most of it.

Work ethics

Whether you are selling or buying a home, dealing with real estate is hard work. And, if your clients weren't aware of this before, they are soon going to become aware. So, if you want to find clients and keep them, you need to present yourself as having good work ethics. The harder you work, the better the odds are that they will properly tackle the real estate market.

How to portray this

During the interview, it is easy to come off as suspiciously pushy with your work ethic. If you start calling people and organizing everything within the first hour of the meeting, you will only come off as erratic. Instead, try to show that you are willing to do the necessary work. During the first couple of weeks, make sure to talk with your clients regularly. Also, try to update them as often as possible. Give them ideas about creating a listing video. The more you can make them feel that you are a committed real estate agent that is passionate for finding them the best possible deal, the better.

A final tip about working as a real estate agent

One of the things that every real estate agent should know is that you can never be perfect. We've seen a lot of good real estate agents stress over clients not liking them and turning towards others that are sub-par. And for that we can only say, relax. Work on the aspects that we've mentioned so far. The things that clients value the most in a real estate agent are there for a good reason. And the more you can develop and nurture these aspects, the better real estate agent you are going to be.

Written by: Lisa Robert with US Moving Experts


How to create a quality real estate listing video

Posted by Park Place Realty Network on June 5, 2020 at 1:50 PM

In order to sell real estate, both the owner and the real estate agent need to be crafty. Sure, you can hope that the quality and the asking price of your real estate will be enough to draw in potential buyers. But, there is hardly a real estate agent out there that won't emphasize the importance of marketing. So, to help you sell your home for a better price, we are going to take a closer look at how to create a quality real estate listing video.

Why is real estate video marketing important?

Some of you might wonder why is it even necessary to create a video in order to promote your real estate. Surely, by following home design trends and by taking a couple of pictures, you can draw in the necessary buyers, right? Well, not quite. Having a real estate video is often necessary to draw it to the right buyers. Especially in the current high tech era of real estate.

To properly tackle making real estate videos, you need to remember that you are dealing with real estate marketing. Marketing is more about the feeling that people have while receiving information than the information itself. To help illustrate this better, we are going to go over some important points that you need to keep in mind in order to create a quality real estate listing video.

Create a quality real estate listing video - guide

The main thing to keep in mind while you create a real estate listing video is that you need to value quality over quantity. Know that your video should be between 1 and 2 minutes long. Within that timeframe, you need to represent your real estate the best way possible. In order to do so, you will probably have to declutter your home a bit. For that we suggest that you visit movers101.com and learn how to use storage for decluttering. After that, you will have to figure out how to set up your home in so that it suits your target audience.

Know your audience

No real estate is suited for everyone. A family home is not suited for a young professional, just like a studio apartment is not suitable as a vacation home. So, in order to sell your property, you need to figure out who you are selling it to. This is best done by consulting with your real estate agent. With their help, you should be able to figure out what kind of person is suitable both for your piece of real estate.

Once you do that, you will need to orient your video so that it emphasizes the traits of your home that your target audience values. For instance:

• Young professionals - modern design and tech gadgets.

• Students - cost-effectiveness.

• Retirees - ease of use and accessibility.

Families - safety and homeyness.

These, of course, are just some traits that you can focus on. The goal here is to tell a visual story of why your home is perfect for your target audience.

Use a good camera

While modern phones tend to have good cameras, we still suggest that you use a top-notch one. More often than not, we see people using subpar cameras that make their homes downright ugly. Remember, modern people, no matter their age, expect to see high-quality videos, especially when they serve marketing purposes. A low-quality video is only going to make you seem untrustworthy. As if you were trying to hide certain flaws.

Pick the right time of day

There are countless articles online that are going to tell you how important lights are for giving a room atmosphere. Early morning light gives the room a feeling of freshness and energy. Meanwhile, afternoon lights give it a feeling of coziness and warmness.

Have a professional connect it all

Working with a professional video designer is a great way to ensure that your video is top-notch. Just like hiring movers to help you out with your relocation, a professional video designer will ensure that you avoid all the rookie mistakes. And, to again use the movers' analogy, while you can read a ton of tips on making the transition to another state easy, there is no way that you learn everything that goes into it from them. Well, the same token goes for making real estate marketing videos. So, do yourself a favor and hire professionals from the get-go. They will know how to pick the right shots and how to present your home in the best possible way.

Be careful with exposition

Since your videos are limited, you need to be careful with what you are going to say in them. You, of course, need to use calm, yet uplifting music in order to create a quality real estate listing video. But, besides that music, you need to give your viewers some information. Ideally, the exposition you give should serve to enhance what they are seeing. And, as stated before, you need to tailor your words to your audience. Merely stating what is on the video is useless and can even be annoying. So, pick your words carefully. The ideal to adhere to is "short and sweet". The more you can say in as few words as possible, the better.

Using drones

More and more people choose to use drones in order to give an aerial view of their real estate. And, while renting a drone solely for this can be expensive, it is a modern trend in real estate marketing videos that we advise you to incorporate. This areal video should give your viewers a complete idea of what your real estate is like. The most common practice is to start and finish with an aerial view. By doing so, you will give your viewers the impression that they came for a visit, and left afterward.

Written by: Lisa Robert with US moving Experts