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Steps to getting into real estate

Posted by flparkplacerealty on September 30, 2016 at 4:50 PM

Below are the steps on how you can get into the real estate business by getting a real estate license.


1. Contact a real estate school in your state.

A real estate school in your state will have all of the information on how to get started in the real estate business in your state. Typically the agent at the school can provide you with better information than someone who works for the state.


2. Pick a real estate school.

When it comes to a real estate school, in today’s market you have two options. Either an in class setting or online. This is strictly personal preference. Pick the one though to where you will retain the information the best. Passing the class the easiest is not always your best bet. Once you pass the school exam, you will then need to take and pass the state exam.


3. Fill out your application with the state.

Most all states will have an application and a fee that you will need to submit. Once you submit the application it can take the state sometimes weeks for approval. It is probably smart to submit the application when or even before you start your real estate school above on #2. Once the state approves your application, you are then eligible to take the state exam.


4. Schedule yourself for the state exam.

Once you pass your school exam and are eligible to take the state exam, you can schedule yourself to take the state exam. Schedule yourself for the exam and make sure that you are prepared as it can be difficult. Most states require a 100 question state exam. You can review some practice state exam questions for free here.


TIP: If you happen to fail the exam, some states let you pay a small fee to review the questions that you missed. Reschedule to take the exam as quickly as possible after reviewing the questions that you missed.



Real Estate is a great business to be in, even if you work in an entirely different industry. Our company, Park Place Realty Network is a great place to hang your license if you are focused in a different industry.


You can place your real estate license with us. Whenever you know of someone looking to buy or sell any type of real estate, anywhere in the world, we can refer it over to a top agent who will handle everything for you. Since you now have a real estate license, you will make 22.5% of the total gross commission (gross commission is typically 3% of the total purchase price) as a referral fee. Go to our website to get all of the details.


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