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Get the full list of ALL New Florida Real Estate Licensee Applicants: 

Use our free list to help you recruit. The list we provide to you is updated, every few weeks. The list provides you with the name, email, phone, county they reside in, and the last time they requested to take the state exam. Very soon, the majority of these potential licensees will pass the state exam, and will need a brokerage to place their new Florida real estate license. 


Check back every 2 weeks as we will update the above list for you. You will need Microsoft Excel in order to download the list. 

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We can both benefit by working with each other 

Any agents that you have that are going inactive, send them our way and all referrals they send will go back to your company, if they choose. Most of our agents only activate with us temporarily until they are ready to go back selling full-time. Feel free to stay in contact with any agents you refer to us while we are holding their license for you. Park Place is not a Realtor or MLS member so these agents will not have these costs while placing their license with us, which is why many of these agents inactivate in the first place. 

We're a non-competing broker, licensed in 3 states, and are strictly a real estate referral/license holding company. Our referral fee is 30% if the sales price is above $200,000 and 25% for anything less than $200,000. You could potentially receive other referral business from our 800+ active real estate agents. Park Place agents typically refer out their friends & family with a high closing ratio, to top brokers, of any type of real estate, worldwide. 

If you have outgoing referrals outside of your market, we can handle those for you too and pay back your company 22.5% of the total commission as a referral fee. We will do the research and match your referrals up with a top agent with a proven sales record throughout the U.S. Park Place has handled thousands of real estate referral transactions over many years. Send us an email admin@parplacenetwork.com for more information.