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Get your Free Florida Continuing Education & or Post License Course Online 

A $25 savings on the CE Course and a $300 savings on the Post License course on average. 

(This course will satisfy your requirement with the Florida Real Estate Commission every 2 years). 

We provide the 14hr CE and or the Post License course online to our active Florida agents for Free. If you are not an active agent of ours, we will provide this to you at no cost by simply completing the 10 question quiz below. You must pass with at-least a 70% passing grade. 

Get Started

  • All answers to the questions on this quiz can be found on our website www.ParkPlaceNetwork.com
  • Once you pass, email us the passing grade with a screen shot to confirm you passed. Send the email to admin@parkplacenetwork.com, type in the subject line of the email "Passed the Park Place quiz".
  • In order to email us the passing grade, you must take a screen shot showing the grade. Copy and paste the screen shot of the passing grade into the body of the email. If you are having trouble with taking a screen shot, take a picture of the passing grade with your phone and attach the picture into the email.
  • Once we receive your email with the passing grade, we will send you back an email with the link to take the course for free online during business hours.

Please do not contact us with questions on how to email us the passing grade as we cannot assist you unless you are an active agent of ours. Sorry, we provide this as a free service to non-Park Place agents. You can get more info on how to do screen shots through google.com.