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Free Facebook content for Real Estate Agents to use on their social media pages

Good content for your Facebook page can be hard to come by. We currently offer this content for free to our active agents but NOW we are providing this content to ALL active real estate agents in Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia.  Below are two pages that are managed by Park Place Realty Network. Each post that we post typically has a very successful track record. People want free information that is quick and to the point with a good image. This is what we try to accomplish with every post. You can benefit from our content to use for your own customers. There are two ways that you can copy our content to post to your Facebook page. You can highlight and copy the content below and post it to your page. Or you can 'Like' the page on your Facebook page - either simply click share and post it to your page or copy the content and post it to your page and also the same with the image. As long as you are an active real estate agent in Florida, Georgia or North Carolina, you have our permission to copy the content from our Facebook pages. If you are not an active real estate licensee in these three states, then you do not have permission. 

Remember: Bookmark this page on your computer for future use. 


If you happen to know of anyone with an inactive real estate license, send them our way. Any referrals that they send in your local area will go back to you. Imagine having multiple agents sending multiple referrals a year!