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How to place your own referrals

Typically Park Place places your referrals for you. But, there are certain circumstances where we cannot place the referral for you. Below are the steps on how you can place your own referrals if you have one that you would still like to get out. If you have any additional questions on how to place a referral, just let us know. 

Step 1. Finding the Broker.

The best way to find a top Agent outside of our database is here on Realtor.com the find an agent tool. Type in the zip code in the search bar to pull up the list of agents. Sort the list at the top left and click on "most for sale listings local". This will show all of the properties that they have sold in the last 24 months, listings and buyers. Another good way is to find the agents with the best reviews. Under the more filters tab at the top right, you can search for agents with specific languages, or with specific certificates like CCIM for a commercial broker. 

Another way is to use google. The top agents usually have the best websites and are in the top 10 on google. If it's a commercial property, type in the google search bar the zip code and then commercial real estate agent. 

Step 2. Contacting the Broker.

Once you have found a good broker to contact, give them a call. When calling, ask the person who answers the phone if you can "speak with who handles your referrals". The person they will typically transfer you to is either a relocation director or the broker of the company. You want to make sure your referral is in the right hands which is why its best to speak to the broker or the relocation director, not just an agent who picks up the phone as they will try an take it, unless they can prove otherwise. Once they transfer you, let them know you are an agent with Park Place and that we are a real estate referral company. Mention a brief description about your referral and that you would be happy to send it to them as long as they are ok with our referral fee which is 25% if the price is below 200k and 30% for anything higher. If they disagree, let them know that is your companies policy (they will try and negotiate a different fee, but our referral fee is our business model and can't be changed) if they continue to disagree let them know we'll have to get it to a different company, they typically agree 99% of the time. Once they agree, take down the full company name if you don't have it, their full name, email address and the best phone number. 

Step 3. Email/fax the broker our referral agreement.

The next step is filling out our one page referral agreement contract. You can print out the agreement here. (Pull the agreement up so you can see how to fill this out.) In the section that says "Receiving Brokerage" (which there's two areas on the top and bottom of the agreement) type in the full name of the company that will handle the referral. In the section at the top where it says "Prospect Name(s)" type in the full name of your referral. Once this is completed, then email or fax this over to the company that you talked with and let them know that the broker (not the agent) needs to sign this agreement. Once you receive the agreement back from the broker (it should not take more than 24hrs on any given business day) you can then email them over all of the info on your referral for their agent. Also, confirm with the agent that they have received the info on your referral to make contact. 

Step 4. Email Park Place the executed agreement and details. 

Once everything has been completed, we need to make sure we have this transaction on file. Please email us the executed agreement, the assigned agents full name, email address and phone number. If you did not fill out the referral form, please fill out the referral form and make a note about the transaction.

If you have any questions, please let us know.