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For an example of what your website will look like go to www.ParkPlaceConnects.com/jsmith, also be sure to view it on your phone.

-Fill out the form below to get your own personal Park Place webpage on www.ParkPlaceConnects.com. The website address will be the first letter of your first name along with your last name. Example: John Smith would be www.ParkPlaceConnects.com/JSmith. When someone types in this website it will go to your own personal webpage. Once they are on your webpage there is no way for them to wander off or get lost on another page. 

-The phone number that you provide us will be the number that will be put on the webpage. 

-The email that you provide below will be the email that all leads entered on this page will be forwarded to. There is a form page on this webpage which will be directed to your email address. Be sure to not miss any leads and also be sure to test it for yourself. 

-If you do not already have a Park Place email address with us, you will automatically be given one. The address name will be the first letter of your first name along with your last name. Example: John Smith would be [email protected] When someone emails you at this address, their email will automatically forward to whichever other email address you would like for it to forward to. It would be best to use an email address that you check on a daily basis so you don't miss an important email.

Once we receive this information from you, your website will be up and running no later than 5 business days! You will then receive an email from us with all of the details.  

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*Be sure everything is double checked and spelled correctly.

Thank you for filling out the form for your new website page. Your website will be up and running within the next 5 business days. You will receive an email from us when it is completed with the website address and all of the details. Let us know if you do not receive in the coming days.
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