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Park Place Testimonials

Below are many of our testimonials written by active and former Park Place agents. You can also view all of our online reviews below here on Google or on Facebook.

Best place to hang or activate your license if you are not planning to practice real estate. Jeremy is super responsive when you submit referrals or when you send him an email. Professionalism at Park Place is phenomenal, between Jeremy and his father your questions will always be answered. If you are hesitant on whether or not to have your license activated with Park Place Realty Network, don't be and just sign up you won't regret it. I know that I don't regret one single thing in joining Park Place Realty Network. Your referrals are in great hands and it won't take long to match them with a real estate agent. If I had to do it all over again and look for place to move my license to I would consider Park Place anytime over other referral services.

Perez, Jorge

Cooper City, FL

If not for Park Place Realty, my license would be sitting inactive, as I’m not actively selling these days. Having my license active with them allows me to make some extra $$ on family or friends selling homes, along with my own home when we relocated last year!! Jeremy is always on top of your referrals, and I’ve had zero issues through the years of being with him!! Don’t let your hard-earned license just sit inactive!!

Pflueger, Deborah

Bethlehem, GA

The best option if you want to earn a few $$, keep you license active and have a great back up team. Jeremy and the admin staff have been very efficient. I highly recommend.

Badowski, Aleta

Bradenton, FL

Great  place to place your license-great opportunity in many states if active-all areas covered/ more places for customers to look at!!!

Milton, Suzanne

Cartersville, GA

I highly recommend Park Place Realty Network. Jeremy is very professional and responsive. I didn't want to pay Realtor fees, but wanted to keep my license active, and be part of family and friends, via referrals and still earn money. This is a great affordable way to keep the license you earned without breaking the bank!

Jones, Cindy

Dania Beach, FL

I highly recommend Park Place Realty Network for hanging your license if you’re not actively using it.  My license has been here since 2018 and the fees are very reasonable!! When you have a question, response time is fast!!  I have only good things to say!

Leftenant, Nicole

Lutz, FL

Highly Recommend Park Place Realty Network.

Rhoda Bernath

Miramar, FL

Park Place Realty Network is the perfect place to place your license with; if you currently can't do the  work of listing and showing homes and still want to earn a commission from  referrals.


Great communication, support, marketing tools, and specially network of qualified top agents. Highly recommend!

Juan Zurita

Chattanooga, TN

Highly recommend PARK PLACE REALTY to place your license with. Excellent response when you have an inquiry and fast honest when you have a real estate transaction to process your commission check. Easy to work with no matter how involve or not you are with transactions. Kudos Jeremy and his team!

Alba Suarez

San Diego, CA

Perfect situation for me, wanted to associate  with a professional and far reaching real estate group and I found that with Park Place!!

Richard Bell

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I have thoroughly enjoyed my affiliation with Park Place Realty. The staff is very personable, supportive and responsive to my needs. The marketing and training offerings add additional value. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a place to hang their license to consider Park Place Realty!

Reggie Angry

Wake Forest, NC

I've been a referral broker with Park Place for about a year now.  Have had a few referrals.  They are very responsive and the commissions are generous.  Very satisfied with relationship.

Chuck Pirrello

Leland, NC

Great company to place your license with if you are tired of paying monthly dues and board fees. Good referral program too.

Dana Heston

Largo, FL

Consummate, Honest company leaders who engage Honest, Customer-Focused Agents Who Work Exclusively for the Buyers and Sellers. Trust and Verify.

Willie Atkinson

Decatur, GA

Available to answer questions and they're updated with what's going on in the market.  Highly recommended!

Terrence Walker

Winter Springs, FL

I have been working with Park Place Realty Network  as a Referral Agent for a while now and could not be more pleased in every sense of the word. Their professionalism is impeccable, they are helpful, responsive and it has been a very enjoyable experience.

Catherine Bayer

Winter Springs, FL

I joined PPRN in 2017, while I'm not residing in the State of Florida.  I find the Team to be very inclusive, supportive,  and responsive to my needs.  Whether you are in the State or out of State, PPRN is there for you to utilized.  I'm glad I found them.

Minnette Hunter

Jersey City, NJ

I am a new agent that doesn't have a lot of spare time. So holding my license with Park Place Realty was a great fit to allow more flexibility with my hectic work schedule and allowed me to pursue Realty in a way that works for me.

Alex Angelidis

Groveland, FL

I am consistently impressed with the level of professionalism, knowledge, and quick response from the Park Place Realty Network team.  This team really cares about helping others in a quick, courteous, accurate, and professional manner.

Joe Patneaude

Palm Harbor, FL

I have been referring business through Park Place for over a year. Very honest and responsive group.

Kent Houserman

St. Johns, FL

"I found the perfect place to place my license - Park Place Realty Network. I can retire from the hard work of listing and showing homes and still earn a commission from my referrals. Their fee is lower than the referral dept of the company I worked for and they respond impressively fast. I even referred my own investment property to sell. It sold and I earned a commission. I couldn't be happier."

Louise Lindsay

Roswell, GA

"My first experience since moving my Real Estate license to Park Place was exceptional. My parents' property sold for cash in 3 weeks and the transaction closed seamlessly. The best decision I ever made was joining Park Place Realty. Thank you Jeremy!. Great company!."

Mark Burch

Portland, ME

"Outstanding and established RE company to hang your license with, referral commissions are quickly paid after closing, great professionalism... 5 STARS!"

Carlos Pita

Apopka, FL

"I highly recommend Park Place Realty Network. Jeremy W is very professional and responsive. I didn't want to pay Realtor fees, but wanted to keep my license active, and be part of family and friends, via referrals and still earn money. This is a great affordable way to keep the license you earned without breaking the bank, and get discounts on your CE courses."

Christina Treadway

Green Cove Springs, FL

"I have been part of Park Place Realty Network, LLC for a few years now. I started my real estate career and then life happened, I didn't want to give up my license I had just worked so hard to get. This company allows me to stay active until I am ready to get back in the game."

Catherine Swick

Tampa, FL

"I am currently a Referral Agent with Park Place Realty Network going on about 3 years. They are quick and responsive to my requests and needs. If I don’t have a real estate salesperson in a particular area that I need a referral, they have top notch agents in all there locations. The yearly fee is worth all the services they provide. Thank you Park Place Realty!"

Sharon Littles

Newark, DE 

"Park Place Network is a very professional service and the team is always very responsive and quick to help in any way they can. They have a network of the best agents to refer to and continue to follow up with them through the buying or selling process to keep you updated on the transaction. My wife and I have been active with them for over 5 years and have nothing but good things to say about this company!"

Stephen Sherman

Navarre, FL

"I have been with Park Place Realty Network for several years. They are very professional, provide great service and offer assistance when needed. In addition to their innovative programs, you get your own website to promote your real estate business worldwide!

Backup, professionalism, and experience is what makes Park Place the perfect brokerage for me as a real estate professional."

Pam Davis

Palm Coast, FL

"I have been with this group for several years now and I find them to be very professional and responsive. Give them a try!"

Jane Sandstrom

San Antonio, FL

"After reviewing all my options as to where to hang my Real Estate Licence I chose Park Place Realty Network for the following reasons: They provided me with my own personal lead capturing website where I could promote myself and capture referral leads. They are able to refer all types of real estate sales Worldwide, both Residential and Commercial. Park Place holds a company errors & omissions policy. They provide full Broker support."

Frank Maio

Bradenton, FL

"My husband and I have both activated our licenses with Park Place Realty Network. We currently have two active referrals in North Carolina and Florida. They are both in competent hands and are quite happy. PPRN takes all the administrative work away and are quite supportive."

Joan Linaberry

Ft. Myers, FL

"This is a great alternative to being a traditional agent. I wanted to keep my license and break into Real Estate. This Broker is very responsive and offers assistance in marketing and education and all the tools you need to be successful."

Christina Treadway

Green Cove Springs, FL

"My first experience since moving my broker license to Park Place last month was exceptional. My friend's property sold for cash in 3 weeks without even listing in MLS, and the transaction closed seamlessly. It was a win/win/win for all parties, just as should be every sale & purchase."

Peter Stoddard

Cumming, GA

"Park Place Realty is an excellent choice for those who are licensed yet voluntarily inactive. A plethora of informative resources and support to guide you to use your real estate license to earn money thru referrals."

Edward Ashby

Palm Harbor, FL

"Park Place is perfect for me! I knew I would keep my North Carolina license but they were inactive. After finding Park Place Realty Network online, I got excited! I just received my first check and I have several more deals forthcoming. I am excited because I am able to work from home while not having to show or list properties. If you are thinking of being a referral agent with Park Place, I highly recommend it."

Brenda Kay McMillian

Wadesboro, NC

"I have been represented as a licensed referral REA by Park Place Realty Network since 2013, and have received the utmost quality service. There is no question too small or unimportant for PPRN to address; and with a smile, I might add(-:

On every occasion, I find Jeremy's (owner) response time as simply remarkable, regardless of the inquiry format; call, text, or email.

PPRN has encouraged me to pursue becoming an Associate Broker with them, and of course, because of my loyalty, I intend to honor their continued support of my goals and real estate endeavors.

PPRN is highly my recommendation for any agent desiring a supportive home to hang their license while blissfully realizing that the "out of pocket" investment to do so is next to nothing.

Good luck and I hope to connect with you soon within the PPRN family!"

Ah'Nay Satori

Atlanta, GA 

"This is a wise choice for anyone with a real estate licence they would like to activate. On the first sale of a house with Park Place realty Network I got my initial investment back 12 times over. More importantly had a very happy seller. Also a new agent I could recommend to others."

David Wall

Port St. John, FL

"This company has been a great solution for my real estate license. I was not using the license that I have but am now able to keep it active. Whenever I come across someone who is looking to do something in real estate, they contact me and I let them know they will be in good hands. Park Place does all the work and puts them with a good agent. I then get a fee once it closes for doing hardly anything but taking down my referrals information. I'm glad Park Place is around!"

Mike Young

Round Rock, TX

"I have been with Park Place since 2017. They have always been helpful and professional. I am thankful there is a company like Park Place for me to hang my Real Estate License."

Holly Brooks

Orlando, FL

"I'm proud to be associated with Park Place Realty. Looking to help friends I know and those I haven't met yet find the perfect properties."

Linda Clare

Portland, ME

"Park Place Realty Network should be your first consideration to hang your license when considering a temporary or long-term leave from the industry. In my experience, Jeremy Weinberg and his staff have continually been professional and available at every junction, if necessary. 

In Fall 2012, unexpected (out-of-state) family matters resulted in the closing of my real estate business. Being passionate about the industry, I knew that giving up my license was not an option, but to continue paying multiple Board and MLS fees was also not feasible. That's where Park Place Realty Network came in and fit my needs!

Since my relocation from Florida to the Northeast, I became re-employed in a social capacity where I have been able to offer suggestions, and on occasion sourced referral income outside of my own purchase. I have even made referrals to Hawaii! 

Know this, for a mere $100 Admin Fee the staff at Park Place has always been readily available to process the referrals, answer any and all questions, and assist in the rare chance it has been required. They're diligent and efficient with their follow-up and sending referral commission checks upon receipt and clearance of funds to their office.  

Park Place made the transition from Active Real Estate Sales paying full board and MLS fees to hanging my license for the purpose of referring business a clear and effective choice.

You won't find a better deal in the State of Florida!"

Elizabeth Streed

Exeter, NH

"Park Place Realty Network is the best Real Estate Referal Network in the United States. The next time you have a Real Estate transaction call Park place."

Lawrence Hibbert

Miami Gardens, FL

"I have my license with park place and it is working out very well. I live outside of Florida where my license is at. Most of my family and friends live in NY, PR & FL and here in Chicago. When they are looking to do something in real estate, I refer it out through park place and they handle everything. So far all of the referrals I have sent have been matched with a great agent. That was my main concern before as I wanted to know my family & friends were in good hands. So far so good!!!"

Maria Fernandez

Chicago, IL

"I've had my license in the past with other large full-time real estate companies who would have secondary referral companies. The problem I had with them is that's how they treated their referral agents, secondary. They would never call or email me back with any questions or for a simple update on my referrals, it was very frustrating as they only cared about their full-time agents. They would also only refer local and within their company, not worldwide. I don't have that problem with Park Place whatsoever. They treat me like I am a full time agent, and I can refer to whoever I like with any company. They get back to me right away with any questions or updates on my referrals. I can also tap into my worldwide contacts, not just local. While I am not selling full time, I will keep my license at Park Place. 5***** star service."

Josh Marks

Brunswick, GA

"I am so glad that I have my Florida Brokers license with this company. Everything has been easy with no hassles for my clients."

Allison Mullins

Fort Wayne, IN

"I love having my license with Park Place. I wasn't using it since I work with another company full time. Now, anyone I know who is looking to do something in real estate I can help them out with not having to do much. I know that park place will make sure they're in the right hands and even better is I will make a portion of the commission. It's much better than sitting inactive in which I was doing for several years until I came across this company. I think I will keep my license after all instead of letting it go."

Kendrick Johnson

Atlanta, GA

"Services provided by this realty company is unmatched, If you do not know which Real Estate Agent to contact from any area to help with a sale or buying, Park Place Realty will put you in contact with the right one."

Alberto Moreira

Miami, FL

"Thank you Park Place Realty, It a great place to park my Real Estate License!!!"

Steve Feaster

Lilburn, GA

"My real estate license is active with Park Place Realty Network and I couldn't be happier! I live out of the state that I am licensed for many years and have been with multiple other real estate referral companies in the past. I would go from company to company as most have horrible customer service and just don't care. Do not even waste your time with anyone else except for Park Place. Referral companies are hard to come by especially one's that provide any type of "good" service. Jim and Jeremy are the best brokers to work for. They are there for you when you need them, true professionals. I could not be happier! You will not be disappointed in this brokerage."

Kim Walker

Corona, CA

"My North Carolina real estate license is with Park Place Realty Network. This has been a great real estate referral company to place my North Carolina license with. I have not sent in any referrals but it is good to know that I am active and can make money as soon as I come across someone. They are very good at getting back to me with any questions I have. I had a great feeling about them before I activated and am very pleased with my decision."

James White

Raleigh, NC

"I'm glad I found this company for my current situation. I have had my real estate license for many years but have not been able to do anything with it since I live in Germany. I now keep it active under Park Place and make the referral fee off of anyone that I know either here in Germany or friends that I have in the United States. Great concept and great service!"

Ken Muller

Dortmund, Germany

"I am very happy to have found Park Place Realty Network, LLC and to work as a referral agent from New York. All communication and interaction has been nothing but professional and efficient and would highly recommend them!"

Laura O

East Hampton, NY

"I have my Florida Real Estate license for over 10 years. Last year I needed to help my husband with his business but I still want to keep my license, I contacted a few referral companies and when I talked to Jeremy I knew I found the right company to place my license. It has been a great experience to work for Park Place Realty Network, property just closed and they were so helpful and prompt to send my check. The best decision I ever made, thank you to all of you!. Great company!."

Zeyda Romo

Naples, FL

"I moved back to CA a few years ago but kept my FL real estate license on inactive status. I now have my license active with Park Place and refer my friends and family here in S. CA to the Agents that I choose. Park Place coordinates the referral and pays me back the referral fee after closing. Great system, I highly recommend!"

Jose Perez

Burbank, CA

"Park Place Realty Network is the best agency to hang your RE license when you cannot be on the field any longer. You won't have to pay association fees or monthly desk fees and you can refer business from anywhere in the world! They have access to a wide network of qualified agents who can assist your buyers/sellers with all of their real estate needs. These agents will tend to them with the same care and commitment that you would, had been working with them yourself. Jeremy and his team have always been available to answer my questions and to keep me up to date (every step of the way) with the status of all of my referrals. 

They also have an easy to use, online referral portal where you can submit your referrals and keep track of them as well. You worked very hard to obtain your RE license and if you find yourself in a position where you need to take a temporary break, Park Place Realty Network is the best place to hang your RE license. You can still get your buyers/sellers the quality help they need, help other agent's gain referrals and earn commission for yourself (anywhere in the world) without having to give up your hard-earned RE license. Best of luck!!"

Migdalia Carrero

Kissimmee, FL

"I am currently retired and have had my FL real estate license for over 30 years. I was inactive for the last 10 years and was going to give up my license until I came across this company. I am very glad I did. Great concept and great people to work with."

Carol Robinson

North Florida

"Hang your license at Park Place Realty your clients and customers can go to your website filling out their information explaining in comments section what their looking to do (buy, sell, long term lease, search for new construction in any state or country. Or you can choose to have a company email address with Park Place which is secure. They will then get the best qualified broker/agent in that state or country with good standing with the National Association of Realtors in U.S. or another country they wish to move to."

Donna Douglas

McLean, VA

"This system works great! My brother was looking to buy a home in Texas. I contacted Park Place with my buyer’s information and they did the rest. 3 months later the house closed and Park Place sent me a check for $1750! Easiest money I have ever made."

John P

Naples, FL

"My friends were wanting to sell their expensive home here in Orlando. I also have a friend who is a local Realtor that I wanted to give the business to. Park Place Realty Network coordinated the transaction with my friends Broker to get the referral fee. Once it closed they paid my 90% cut which was around 6K! I am happy to have my license under this company. Great customer service and they always get back to me in a timely manner with any questions."

Jennifer Thomas

Orlando, FL

"A friend of mine was moving down to Miami. Park Place found a good Broker for my buyer to work with. The transaction went very smooth and closed within 2 months. I received my check within 8 days of the closing. Easiest money I have made so far. I have a full time job but happen to have my FL license for several years. I keep my license active in Park Place Realty Network. It’s great knowing that I can make great supplemental income with my license that I worked so hard for. Whenever I come across someone looking to buy or sell I let them know I will refer them to a full time agent who can help them out. I give that info to Park Place and they do the rest. Great system!"

Sam Herro

Lake Mary, FL

"I have found Park Place Realty Network to be an excellent resource for helping anyone in the world or locally buying and selling real estate."

Chuck Grainger

Greenacres, FL

"Park Place Realty Network is working well for me. I use to sell real estate full time. I've kept my license inactive for 10 yrs, as I went into another career, but still had friends and relatives ask me about real estate. I recently referred a relative to a broker I once worked with. He wanted to purchase a condo and was very pleased working with my old friend. I promptly received a referral fee after the closing. All very easy and rewarding. I am happy I joined."

Lynne Latham

Miami, FL

"Joining Park Place Realty Network LLC was a great decision. After having my license inactive for approximately five years, I heard about Park Place. I investigated and found them to be a reputable company. I activated my license with them and in the past six months have had two closings on which I collected over $2000 without doing anything except making a referral. Giving a referral is easy and much better than allowing my license to remain inactive and collecting nothing."

John Haines

Milton, FL

"There is only one Park Place Realty Network. I have been with others, and can't imagine anything coming close."

James Ehlers

Jacksonville, FL

"After retiring with a 40+ year career in real estate and being unable to find someone to take over, it just made sense. Why lose my valuable contacts in the business. I can now provide service, and supplement my income, it is truly a win, win proposition. Everyone at Park Place has been very responsive and helpful."

Glenn Dahlen

Franklin, WI

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