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Get your Park Place Lead Capturing website below

For an example of what your website will look like go to, this website is also mobile friendly.

-Fill out the form below to get your own personal lead capturing Park Place webpage on The website address will be the first letter of your first name along with your last name. Example: Sandra Martin would be . When someone types in this website address, it will go to your own personal webpage. Once they are on your webpage, there is no way for them to wander off or get lost on another page. 


-The phone number that you put on the below form will be the number that will be put on the webpage. 


-The email that you provide below will be the email that all leads & emails will be sent to. There's a form on your webpage that captures leads, which will go directly to the email address that you provide.  


-If you want a personal image of yourself on your page, email the image to before you fill out the below form, and mention in the email that it's for the website. *It's up to you to send a clear and big enough image. 


Once we receive this information from you, we'll submit everything to the web-developer and your website will be up and running within 10 business days. You will receive an email from us with all of the details once it's completed.  

Fill out this form completely if you would like your own webpage. 


-Make sure everything is double checked and spelled correctly as the web developer will charge a $15 fee for any corrections. The below information will be on your webpage. 

Are you emailing us an image of yourself for the webpage?

Form sent, thank you. If you are wanting to add a photo of yourself, please email that today to Once we receive your photo, we will forward everything to our web developer to build your webpage which can take up to 10 business days.

Park Place Connects website image png2.png

*If you are wanting to make any future changes to your web-page, the web-developer will charge a $15 service fee. 

Login to the step by step marketing guide to access your new home search website for free. See an example of what that looks like here.

Park Place New Home Search website.png
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