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Refer out ALL types of Real Estate Internationally

Park Place can refer out your Real Estate referrals on all types of Real Estate transactions and collect the referral fee. Our focus is the entire Real Estate industry, not just local, residential Real Estate. We will make sure your personal contacts are in the right hands on all of their Real Estate transactions, worldwide. If you have an agent you would like to use, we can use them too.


The majority of our business is Residential Real Estate, similar to the current Real Estate sales market. You can be sure that your clients are working with a top Residential Real Estate agent who has the marketing knowledge to get their home sold. If you have a buyer, we will make sure they are working with a local expert who specializes in working with Residential buyers.

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commercial leads for Park Place Realty Network

We have many Park Place agents who are ex-Commercial agents who refer out their former clients or have friends and family looking to buy or sell Commercial Real Estate. Commercial Real Estate can be vast, from office building sales and leases, to farmland and multi-family housing. Park Place specializes in all avenues of Real Estate. We have the connections and expertise to find the best Commercial Real Estate agents for your clients needs. 


Industrial Real Estate falls under the Commercial umbrella but it is its own niche market. Industrial properties are used for industrial purposes and can be broken down into three sizes: small, large and enormous. Park Place has the ability to do the research to find that top Industrial broker who specializes in this niche market to get the job done, big or small.

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Busiess Brokerage-Park Place Realty Network real estate referrals

Many Real Estate licensees do not know that they are allowed to earn a commission from the sale of a business. A Business Broker is a Real Estate licensee who helps buyers and sellers in the sale of a business attached, or not attached, to Real Estate. This are a small market of brokers who understand businesses. We have the connections to make sure your client is working with the right Business Broker.


Park Place has established relationships with the majority of the top builders in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina which are the states that we are currently licensed in. If you have a buyer that is looking to buy a New Construction home, you can refer them directly to the builder and make double the referral fee. You can get more details on this in our step by step marketing guide.

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Property Management is the overseeing of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate. It involves the managing of property that is owned by another entity. There is a referral commission that can be paid on the many different scenarios that a Property Manager is compensated for. We typically can not get a fee if you have someone looking to rent a residential home, depending on price.

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