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"Shadow" a Top Local Real Estate Agent 

It's very tough your first few years in the real estate business, that's why the majority of agents never succeed. You have to pay annual Realtor/MLS/Electronic key fees which can cost $1,500+ a year in order to sell. Then, the broker you work for will also charge you more your first few years until you start producing. Shadowing a top local real estate agent through Park Place is a great solution to this problem as you will not have to pay the annual association fees as we are not members. Any business you do have you can refer it to a top agent that will pay back top dollar as a referral fee and they can show you how they are successful in the real estate business. Here are a few reasons why shadowing an agent while you're new might work for you:

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Pay nothing to the Realtor/MLS associations

​We are not members of the Realtor/MLS associations so you will not be required to pay these fees which can cost over $1,500+ a year on average. In order to sell residential real estate full-time, you would need to be a Realtor/MLS member, you can get more info on this here. 

Shadow a Top Local Agent

To succeed in real estate, why not learn from someone that has already figured it all out. We will show you how to find the top local agents in your market that you can interview and find out which agent will match best with your personality. You can negotiate with this agent to pay back 50% of the total commission (you can negotiate more or less than 50%) to Park Place as a referral fee. Your split with Park Place on these transactions is 75/25. 

Go sell full-time when you are ready

The Realtor/MLS associations are great at what they do and they provide a lot to their members for their annual costs. When you feel confident to take on the annual association fees to be a full-time agent, we completely understand and we encourage you to do so. You can interview with the company where you are shadowing their top agent, or let us know if you need any suggestions on great local brokerages. 

Sign Up with Park Place 

Once you get your license, place it with Park Place. We can make your license active on any business day. Simply sign our contract online and pay our annual $100 administration fee here on our website. We will show you how you to shadow a top producing agent in your market. You will also get 40% off all your future CE education needs and many other benefits with the #1 online real estate school in the U.S., The CE Shop, with our affiliation. If you have any questions, please email us at or go to our website here to see all of our benefits. We hope to work with you soon!

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