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Can my real estate license be active in North Carolina without being with a BIC

Yes, you are allowed to keep your real estate license active in North Carolina without being with a BIC. Your license would need to be on broker status as provisional brokers will always need to have a BIC in order to have an active real estate license in North Carolina.

Real estate agent in North Carolina

There are some negatives with being active in North Carolina without having a broker in charge. The main one being that you are not allowed to market yourself in anyway per their license law, you can view their stipulations on this here. It’s already difficult enough to produce real estate business while being able to freely market yourself. But not being able to market yourself on social media, business cards, or even through conversation can be a very tough way to try and stir up any type of real estate business.  


If you have neighbors or friends and family that will go directly to you and ask you if you sell real estate, then being active without a BIC might be a good option for you as you can handle all of your real estate business yourself without a 3rd party company involved.


If you have a real estate license and you need a BIC so that you can market yourself, take a look at our website We are the leading real estate referral company and are good low cost option for agents to put their license on active status. Our agents can refer out their residential and commercial real estate referrals to top agents worldwide, and collect top dollar as a referral fee.


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