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How long does it take to become a Realtor?

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Someone who has a real estate license can become a Realtor within just a few days. All you have to do is pay the Board of Realtors their fees and take an orientation class which is just a few hours long. Once you complete all of this you are now a Realtor!! You can now work with buyers & sellers and call yourself a Realtor with your own name badge that clearly states you are a REALTOR!

But, you are probably confused with the term Realtor & Real Estate Agent or Salesperson. Don’t worry, most people are confused as they think getting a license means you are getting a Realtor license. The term Realtor is strictly & copyrighted for people who have a Real Estate License and are members of the Board of Realtors. The Board of Realtors an association which offers many benefits including political benefits to back the Real Estate Agent in their business. The membership with the Board of Realtors is usually several hundred dollars a year in which you are typically a member of the National, State and your local Board of Realtors. Most Realtor members are also part of the Multiple Listing Service which is separate from the Board of Realtors. The MLS is where Realtor members can access all of the properties that are on and off of the market.

Again, how long does it take to become a Realtor, I mean Real Estate Agent? I am assuming you are starting from scratch and you do not have your Real Estate license. Most states require a 60+ hour course which can usually be done online or in class. Once you pass the course exam you would then need to take the state exam with your state. Some states also require a National exam. Once all of this has been completed you can now register with your local Realtor association to become a REALTOR!

If you would like to keep your license active and avoid Realtor fees, take a look at what we can do for you at You can be active in real estate and avoid the Realtor fees. Good luck in whatever you do!


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