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Continue with Activating your Florida Real Estate license

We recently noticed on the DBPR website that you have been accepted by the state of Florida to get your license, you just need to pass the state examination. You worked hard to get to this point in getting your Florida real estate license, don't give up now. Once you get your real estate license, you do have other options besides selling traditional real estate in your local market. Our real estate company has over 1,000+ active Florida agents that have a real estate license, but they do not sell. Instead, they refer their business out and are able to make a big portion of the real estate commission through a referral fee. When they know of a friend or family member that is looking to buy or sell residential or commercial real estate, anywhere in the world, we refer it over to a top local agent to handle everything for us. You would then make 22.5% of the total commission as a referral fee through your active license with us. See the example below on the amount you will make as a referral real estate agent. 






$400,000 sales price


x 3% (average) real estate commission= $12,000


x 22.5% Your referral fee amount with your active license under Park Place= $2,700

Many of our agents had high hopes to be full-time Realtors at one point, but circumstances change. Instead, they place their real estate license active with our company and they refer out any of their real estate business instead, worldwide. They are doing a good service for their clients as we match them up with the best agents with a proven sales record. It is a great idea to keep your real estate license active for a lifetime as the average person knows 3 to 5 people a year that are wanting to buy or sell real estate. When and if you want to go sell traditional real estate in your local market instead of doing referrals, you can leave us at anytime. We have many agents that do this and come back at a future date.

Park Place Realty Network Referral Agents.png

You can get more details on our company here on our website.



If it has been a long time since you have taken the real estate course and you need to refresh your memory, we can offer you 40% off the course at the top online Real Estate school in the U.S., The CE Shop. Please send us an email to, let us know that you would like the 40% off discount. We hope to work with you at some point soon. 

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