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Get leads through purchasing Facebook ads

Facebook currently has over 3 billion users with over 1.5 billion logging in every single day. Marketing to your fan base is a great and free way to market to your referral business which you can read all about here. But, what about the other 3 billion people who use Facebook that you don't know? The way you can market to others is buy purchasing Facebook ads. The average costs for us when we market on Facebook is about .40-.80 cents per 1,000 views. The cost can vary depending on how big of an audience you are sending to. The bigger the audience, the cheaper. Before paying for Facebook ads, make sure you do your homework on how to market ads on Facebook. Here is a great source you can use. Also, google Facebook ads and see what pulls up as there is a lot of free information out there explaining how to market yourself using Facebook paid ads. Below are some steps to take and we also provide you some free Facebook marketing material. 

Getting Started

When beginning to market on Facebook using their paid ads, make sure you do your research on how to market on Facebook as we mentioned above. But, you need to first figure out who you are going to market your Facebook ad to. Your best bet is to market your ad to first time home buyers as most first time home buyers do not have a real estate agent and do not know where to begin. Our program is the perfect solution for them as we can set them up with a top agent who can help them with the real estate process. You can find out the specifics of a first time home buyer here. Once you know who you want to market your Facebook ad to, you would then need to set this up on your Facebook ad. Below is an example of setting up the ad. We picked to market to 30-40 year old's who are engaged in the sate of FL in which 93,000 people pulled up. You can get much more detailed than this from the actual industry they work in to hobbies that they might have an interest in. Figure out which market you would want to advertise your website to so you can get the best return. Marketing on Facebook takes time, collect the data and see what works best for you.

Faecbook ad set for Park Place Realty Network

Picking the right ad

Once you have learned online how to market yourself on Facebook, you now need to come up with the right ad. Below are a few ads that were built by our graphic designer. These ads have worked for us and other Park Place Agents. Feel free to copy these ads and use them for yourself. 

FB image for agents 10
FB image for agents 9
FB image for agents 6
FB image for agents 8
FB image for agents 7

Learn more about Facebook marketing here.

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