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Florida Real Estate State Exam Practice Tests Online for Free

Below are 100 practice exam questions to help you take the Florida real estate state exam. These questions were put together by Gold Coast Schools, a leader in real estate education in the state of Florida. Feel free to take these exams as much as you would like at no cost. Good luck!

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Step 2 after getting your Florida Real Estate License, complete the Post License Course ASAP!

Once you get your license, your next step is passing the 45 hour Post License course within 2 years. It is best to take this course right away while the information is fresh in your mind vs. waiting up until the 2 year renewal period. If you don’t pass this course by the 2 year renewal deadline, your license will go null and void. To get your license back you will have to start from scratch...

Once you do pass, you will only need to do a 14 hour CE course every 2 years for a lifetime. Even if you don’t complete the 14 hour course by the 2 year renewal deadline, you will have an additional 2 years before your license goes null and void, basically 4 years. Place your license with Park Place and we will provide you with the Post License course online for FREE saving you hundreds. Take the Post License course right away that way you will have your Florida Real Estate License for a lifetime!