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Let Park Place be your Georgia Sponsoring Broker

The application for you to obtain your Georgia real estate license will ask you for the name of your Sponsoring Broker so that your license can become Active immediately after passing their state exam. Park Place Realty Network is the top company for new agents to use as their Sponsoring Broker so that they can be Active right away. See the steps below in order to become active with us once you pass the Georgia real estate state exam.

Gerogia real estate reciprocity

Step 1: Sign our contract and pay our $100 annual administration fee here on our website.



Step 2. Park Place will email you the PSI Testing Centers "Sponsoring Broker Statement Form" with our Georgia Brokers signature as your Sponsoring Broker so that way you can present this to them at the testing center. You can access all of their forms here.



Step 3. Once you pass the Georgia state exam, the Georgia Real Estate Commission will process your application and make your license active under Park Place Realty Network. We will email you back our executed contract with all the details. 

Park Place is a great choice for new agents who are getting their Georgia real estate license. We are not members of the Realtor/MLS associations like the majority of real estate companies. Since we are not members, you will not be required to pay their $1,200+ in annual fees in order to be active. By being active with us right away, you will now start the clock with GREC to get your Broker’s license in 3 years. You can place your license with us and leave us at any time to go and work for the company that might fit you best. Go to the main page of our website here to see why over one thousand agents have trusted us to place their license with Park Place. If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email at or call us at 407-878-0607. 

*If you are getting a Georgia reciprocal license instead of a new licensee, you can get more details on this here.

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