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Partner up with a Top Agent in your Local Market

If you are wanting to find referral business in your local market, a great way to start is to partner with a top agent in your market. This agent can give you pointers on what they do to market themselves and how they find business. This will also be an easy transition to send the business back to them on any referrals that you find. Below are the steps on how to find this agent and to make sure you get the referral fee when sending your referrals to them. 

  • To find a top agent, use this tool here on that will tell you who the top agents are in your market of interest. Type in the zip code and then sort the list by most sold listings. This will pull up all of the agents in that zip code with the most sold buyers/sellers first. This data goes back 2 years.

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  • Once you find an agent that you’d like to work with. Give them a call and introduce yourself. Tell them you are an active agent with Park Place Realty Network, a real estate referral company. Let them know that you would like to send them future referral business and that you can send them business just as long as they and their broker are ok with Park Place’s referral fee. Our referral fee is 25% for anything sold below $200,000 and 30% for anything sold higher than $200,000. If they are ok with this, then we can work with them. From here they should be motivated to work with you since you will be sending them back business. Get to know them better through a lengthy phone conversation, emails or even meet with them to have coffee. Ask them what makes them so successful and things that you can do to help generate referral business for them.

  • Once you do come across a referral in your market, you would need to refer it out through us first before sending it on to your new found friend. Go to the member’s page of our website and click on “place a referral”. Enter in all of the details of your referral and all of the details of the agent that you’d like to use. We will then send your agent our referral agreement for their broker to sign like we do with any other referral. Once we get this back we will email your agent all of the referral’s info and let you know we have an executed agreement.

If you want to focus on your local market, this is a great way to work with someone that has already figured it out. You will be happy as you are working with a mentor in your local market, the top Realtor will be happy as they know you will be sending them back referral business. If you live outside the state that you are licensed in, you can still talk with a top Realtor as we mention above. Just make sure you do not get involved in any type of real estate activity. You are just the middle man connecting a referral with another real estate agent. If you have any additional questions on any of this, please let us know!

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