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How can real estate agents adapt to new circumstances caused by the COVID-19 outbreak

Working as a real estate agent offers plenty of fantastic possibilities. By selling real estate and earning a commission, you can quickly make good money and build a strong communication network. However, working as a real estate agent also requires talking to people, arranging meetings, and being there in person to finalize the deal. With the current coronavirus pandemic, this may be challenging and potentially dangerous for your health as well as that of your clients. The ultimate question arises - How can real estate agents adapt to new circumstances caused by COVID-19 outbreak and continue their business?

Real estate agent ready to sell

The answer is simple - real estate referrals!

What are real estate referrals?

If you are unfamiliar with this term, here is a short explanation. A real estate referral is an act of referring a friend or a family member to top real estate agents in the business. If you are not able to actively participate in closing the deals, there is no reason to lose money over it.

Connect the people you know with other real estate agents or companies and earn a referral fee while sitting in your chair and drinking your favorite beverage. What's the catch? - you might ask. There isn't one - it's as simple as it sounds.

How to become a network associate?

If you wish to become a network associate of a real estate referral company, all you need is to have an real estate license. With it, you can simply apply for the position, pay a yearly fee, and enjoy your referral commission while staying safe at home.

Although this option is the best, there are some alternatives that can help real estate agents adapt to new circumstances caused by COVID-19 outbreak.

Maintaining connections with your clients

COVID-19 may have slowed down businesses, but the key to success is maintaining a strong connection with your clients. If you cannot meet in person, the next best thing is an online meeting. Some even consider that option to be superior.

You should be there for your clients to look for real estate properties when they cannot. It is important that they realize you will always be there to support them and provide any help or assistance they may need.

Outline the importance of general safety

Another important message that your clients should get is that, while you are still open for business, you primarily care for their health. Today, the only successful business is a safe business.

Caring about the health of your clients, as well as the clients of other agents, will help you build and maintain your reputation.

Online and VR tours

We are lucky that the technology around us allows us to improve our businesses in such a way that it does not suffer under these harsh conditions. Since your clients cannot really go out and look at apartments of houses, you must bring real estate to them.

One of the options at your disposal is to create online tours on your website. Make sure to upload photos and videos that show the entire place. This allows your clients to look at properties from the safety of their homes.

Another fantastic option that is probably a bit costly is to implement virtual reality tours, that will not only allow your clients to look at properties, but to also have some fun while doing it. Furthermore, virtual reality tours are an excellent tool that will help you connect buyers and sellers.

Research what type of property is most valuable now

Since the pandemic has caused financial issues as well, buyers are turning away from luxury properties in order to save some money. With that in mind, carefully think about the price range. We advise doing a small survey on a weekly or biweekly basis where you can easily find out what types of properties are in demand and at what prices.

Surpass the expectations

Furthermore, now is the perfect time to surpass the expectations of your clients. Think in terms of more than they need at the moment. For example, your client may want to look at houses in order to buy one in the future. Once that transaction is complete, they will want to move.

What you can do is, compile a list of the best movers in your area, such as AAA Insta-Move FL, and match them with your clients. This gesture will show them that you are doing everything in your power to help your clients pull through this difficult situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Also, have in mind that this kind of partnership can bring new clients to you as well. Any relocation company that closes deals thanks to your recommendation will return the favor and connect you with their clients.

The best way to help real estate agents adapt to new circumstances caused by the COVID-19 outbreak

We have covered an array of ways for real estate agents to adapt to new circumstances caused by the COVID-19 outbreak:

● become a network associate and earn a commission through referrals

● offer online and VR tours for your clients

● outline the importance of staying healthy while connecting buyers and sellers

● research the type of property in demand, together with the price

Out of all these options, we must say that becoming a network associate seems like the best option. First of all, you are not putting anyone at risk. Your job is to help your clients connect with other agents. Next, minimal work is required of you, as the only thing you need is a bit of soft skill in communication, a license, and some goodwill. Third, your expenses are lowered to a minimum. Finally, this is the safest option for you as well, since you will not be contacting anyone directly. Helping real estate agents adapt to new circumstances caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is crucial, and real estate referral business delivers without exceptions!

Written by: List Robert with US Moving Experts


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