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Park Place Realty Network Real Estate Referral Fees

You can earn real estate referral fees off of real estate transactions throughout the world with Park Place!

Networking worldwide

More than 1/3 of all real estate licensees are on inactive status with the state. Inactive does not mean you are not in good standing with the state with your license, it just means that you are not “active” under a brokerage, meaning you are not legally able to collect real estate commission.

Park Place is not your typical full-time/Realtor real estate company to where you work with buyers and sellers locally. We are a real estate referral company. Below are the differences between the two different types of companies:

Standard real estate company: A standard real estate company is a company to where you are a member of the Board of Realtors and the MLS. You are required to join the Board of Realtors and the MLS since these companies are members of these associations. You would typically sell properties or work with buyers directly to find properties in your local market. If you are focused on selling full-time in your local market, this is a great way to make money in real estate.

Real Estate Referral Company: These types of real estate companies are not members of the board of Realtors or the MLS. Since they are not members, their agents are not required to be members. Agents in this company place their license under the company and then refer their referrals to agents who are full-time as Realtors and will pay them back a referral fee. There are many real estate referral companies out there, but they are typically a secondary company to the standard real estate company and only focus on their local real estate business. Standard real estate companies like to have a secondary real estate referral company for agents who leave their company from not being able to pay their association dues or are not selling enough. By having the secondary real estate referral company, they can now place their agent’s license in this company until they are ready to go full-time again. They can also collect all of their referrals locally to send back to their full-time company and give it to a full-time agent.

What makes Park Place Realty Network different?

Park Place has a 100% focus on real estate referrals. We don’t focus on just a local market, but the entire world as referrals can be placed anywhere, residential or commercial. Real Estate brokers are legally able to pay us for our referrals all over the world. We have agents who keep their real estate license active with us who live all over the world. They are also able to place their referrals to full-time agents worldwide.

If you have a real estate license and you are not currently using it. Go to our website and see how Park Place could possibly put extra money in your pocket.


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