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The best tech gadgets that can boost the value of your commercial property

Owning a commercial property is an opportunity to make some money. Whether you plan on starting a business of your own, renting the property, or eventually selling it to a buyer, there are multiple ways in which you can raise its value. Besides the location, size, transit connections, and other features that you don't have much control over, what you can do is use the best tech gadgets that can boost the value of your commercial property.

Commercial real estate

Turning a commercial property into a smart commercial property

Without any question, this is one of the best ways you can use tech gadgets to boost the value of your commercial property. Installing smart appliances and devices will help you automate the property.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is not only one of many home design trends that attract buyers, but also a fantastic feature to be added to any commercial property. It is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint and at the same time lower your utility bills. If you are planning on renting out the property or selling it to a company, this will attract many buyers.

When you have offices with many employees, someone has to turn off all the lights at the end of the day and make sure nothing is running. If you use smart lighting, that process can be automated, so there is no need for you to do that, or even pay an employee to do it.

Automated curtains and blinds

Another way to control lighting in a commercial property is to use automated curtains and blinds. This can be useful for meeting rooms or presentations, and also for people who work long hours.

It is most definitely one of the tech gadgets that can raise the value of your commercial property.

Smart thermostats

Climate control is crucial for a pleasant working atmosphere. Sitting in an office that is too hot or too cold may result in employee dissatisfaction, and can also reduce their effectiveness and even compromise their health.

If a company owner is looking to purchase a commercial property, he or she will install these smart thermostats if they are not already there. However, if the building already has them implemented, they will be willing to pay more for the property.

App-controlled automated speakers and smart locks

Another way to automate your commercial property and at the same time boost its value is to implement app-controlled automated speakers and smart locks.

It is also worth investing in implementing keycard-controlled doors, as that helps set the authorization levels for employees.

Security systems

It's impossible to overstate the importance of security systems in a commercial property. Every company owner must have its employees' safety as their primary concern. A lawsuit can drain a large company very easily. Furthermore, this is a way to protect your business as well.

Having cameras on every floor and the entrance of the building is highly recommended. An automated gate at the main entrance is also a possibility. If any commercial supplies need to be transported in and out of the building, you will have a full overview of everything.

Thinking about the general health of employees

A commercial property that uses tech gadgets to take care of the general health of employees will be highly valued on the market. There are a couple of ways you can accomplish this:

● having a relaxation room

● offering fitness training

● using mini gadgets to boost effectiveness

A relaxation room as a part of the commercial property

A relaxation room is a common sight in almost all major programming companies. Employees work hard, and during a break, they can head out to a relaxation room where they can play games, watch a movie, or even take a quick massage in the massage chair.

This strategy is beneficial for multiple reasons, but most of all it will attract anyone who comes to a job interview.

Fitness training as a part of everyday office life

Any employee who sits 8 hours behind a computer understands what back pain is. After work, they are mostly tired to go to the gym, and they use weekends to rest. There is almost no time to exercise.

Placing a few treadmills can offer them a chance to do a quick workout before or after work, or even during their break. It is essential that people who work behind a desk can stretch out a few minutes per day.

Useful mini gadgets for an office

There are so many useful tech gadgets that we could list them all day. For example, USB devices or USB hubs, office printers, air conditioning systems, smoke detectors, mini-refrigerators, etc.

Having equipped offices with these gadgets will only raise its value on the market.

With that much equipment, you can choose whether you want to move it to a new location if someone purchases the property, or leave it there to get a better price. If you do need to move the equipment, be sure to hire professional movers like as commercial relocations can be complex.

A word of caution

One of the downsides of having an expensive property is that sometimes buyers turn away from luxurious offers. If you are using tech gadgets to boost the value of your commercial property, have in mind what type of buyer you are looking for. Only a select few will be able to cash out enough money to pay the full value, so you might end up having to remove some equipment in order to sell it. Or, the second option is to sell everything but for a lower price. With that in mind, do not create an expensive commercial property if you cannot sell it.

The best tech gadgets that can boost the value of your commercial property - delivered!

Implementing all of these features can definitely be expensive, but it can double the value of the property if done the right way. Just be sure to plan everything and be smart about your investments. Good luck!

Written by: Lisa Robert with US Moving Experts


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