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Things Successful Real Estate Agents Never Do

It is relatively common to have your vision, and thus, business strategy on how you need to do your job as a real estate agent. Yet, there are numerous skills and characteristics that an accomplished real estate agent should have. For starters, being informed, patient, and diligent when it comes to satisfying your customer's needs is a must. Furthermore, you need to be a consummate marketing expert to attract clients. Excellent communications skills are also a significant advantage. So, it is pretty easy to pinpoint what makes a good real estate agent. However, we will switch a different perspective and talk about the things successful real estate agents never do.

Home sale strategy

It makes sense to acknowledge the things successful real estate agents never do.

Taking a closer look at what not to do as a real estate agent is a relatively neglected point of view. Also, it is usually hard to see where your faults may lie. So, taking this perspective allows you to analyze your performance objectively and locate how you may bolster your career. Therefore, it pays to have a mental ‘rulebook’ to remind you what might be a wrong approach or conviction. In fact, showing a willingness to learn and adapt to changing circumstances is one of those invaluable assets your clients will immensely appreciate.

Never expect immediate results

Whether you are a new agent or just relocating to a new real estate market, you might be inclined to expect everything to roll out smoothly in the first few weeks. However, generating enough experience and clout to sell listing after listing does not usually happen immediately. The key is to be patient. Just as you advise your clients - manage your expectations and arm yourself with patience.

Advertising is the real estate agent’s best friend

Impactful advertising plays a pivotal role in a real estate agent's career. A good pop culture example illustrating this is Saul Goodman's marketing campaign in the wildly popular TV series "Breaking Bad." His brazen and unsubtle promotional videos and catchphrases "Better Call Saul" and "It's all good man" (that is, "It's Saul Goodman") do an excellent job targeting precisely the people on the wrong side of the law.

So, it helps to have a clear idea of the kinds of properties and clients you want to attain. Firstly, you may want to figure out what kind of client profiles work for you best. Then, you can use this focus group as a foundation for establishing your brand.

Essentially, investing in an engaging, memorable marketing campaign will make you stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, profuse and dedicated commitment to advertising is the easiest way to accumulate clout. That is why all good real estate agents know their market and play their advertising cards accordingly.

Successful real estate agents offer a versatile range of services

Another way you can make yourself more visible to potential clients is to offer them your skills in the field of real estate and access to other services they could find helpful. So, teaming up with a time-tested and experienced moving company is one way you can appeal to your clientele, as they can rely on you throughout the home selling or home buying process. And the experts from Slattery Moving and Storage confirm this. They cooperate with several agents from different areas who recommend their services.

Good real estate agents never fail to make use of technology and social media

Modern-day tech and social media trends offer us a fantastic way to assess current real estate trends. Communicating with potential clients in person and online can help you extend your area of influence considerably. So, your social media presence can help you gauge what appeals to people when they are looking to buy a property.

For instance, most homebuyers in the US are exalted when the property has a kitchen island or plenty of storage space. There are many such structural and home decor trends you can take notice of and use to your advantage. This kind of awareness of what appeals to your clients will help you build a meaningful relationship with them.

Knowing that you are in tune with current trends and their preferences will also allow clients to communicate their needs freely. They may perhaps even put in a good word for you with their friends and family.

So, not only does this allow you to know which strengths of the property on sale you should highlight, but it can also help you guide the client through the home purchase, offering advice on how to add a personal touch to a home they may not feel like theirs. So, before they decide to buy or move into the purchased property, you can provide tips on making the place feel like home and help them ease into the process.

Successful real estate agents are not solo players

If you are still inexperienced or are struggling to establish yourself in the given real estate market, you may want to seek out a mentor or look into different career advancement options. Many real estate agents collaborate with real estate referral organizations that allow them to 'trade' their clients with other real estate agents worldwide.

Also, you should do your best to become part of the local real estate community. You can do this by attending industry events and workshops. Use your networking skills and acumen to draw attention to yourself. Just stay motivated and try not to do the things successful real estate agents never do. Eventually, success will come your way.

Written by: Lisa Robert with US Home Experts


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