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Get referrals from Lenders approved by USDA

USDA home loans are a great niche market. If the home is in an eligible area, potential home buyers can purchase a home with ZERO money down, see more details here. Only certain lenders can qualify to provide these types of loans to buyers. The lenders that do qualify to offer these loans, they want to make sure they're working with a knowledgeable real estate agent that knows how to find these specific properties. Below we provide you with a list of all approved USDA lenders throughout the U.S. that you can contact to potentially get their business.

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Finding a USDA lender

Here is the full list of over 1,000 USDA approved lenders throughout the U.S. that you can contact. Pick and choose which lender you would like to call (businesses do not apply to the national do not call list registry). When calling, ask to speak to the mortgage broker in their office that handles USDA loans. Let them know that you are with Park Place Realty Network and that you work with other USDA lenders and you can connect buyers that they have with real estate agents that can help their buyers find a USDA property. Many of these brokers have buyers that are not working with a real estate agent. They want to know that their buyer is in the right hands with an agent that knows how to find USDA properties.



Searching the USDA map

You can see here all of the eligible areas for USDA home loans. USDA approved areas apply to any area outside of a metropolitan area. With high speed access to the internet in rural areas now, low home prices with ZERO money down, and the great outdoors, home buyers have been expanding out to rural areas in big numbers lately.



Finding a USDA Realtor

Once you have a buyer in place referred over by your lender, you can place the referral here on our website. The best way for us to find a USDA approved Realtor, is to research and find the top real estate companies in your buyer's market and ask them which agent do they have in their office that specializes in USDA homes. This route works better than finding the agent with the most sales in a 2-year period. There is a specific Realtor that specializes in USDA properties as they have certain guidelines, we have the resources to find out who that specific Realtor is. 



Offer a 15% real estate rebate

If you have not seen our 15% rebate program, you can get all the details on it here which is also in our marketing guide. When talking to the lender, let them know that our company can set their buyer up with a top USDA Realtor that can also offer them 15% of their commission back at closing to help with any extra costs. The 15% rebate along with a USDA loan with no money down is a pretty sweet deal for any buyer to take advantage of. It’s up to you if you want to offer the 15% rebate as you will be making much less overall, but you should be getting a higher volume of referrals.

*If the lender refers you over a buyer and you offer the 15% rebate, the lender is not allowed to say that the rebate is only offered by using them as the lender, this violates RESPA law. We as real estate agents are not allowed to steer the buyer in any direction to which lender they decide to use. If the buyer decides to use a different lender, we will still offer them the 15% rebate regardless of which lender they go through. You have to be very careful with the RESPA law when working with lenders, you can view details on this law here.

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