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To place a referral, please fill out the form below as detailed as possible.

Referrals are sent out by our office Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm, EST.

If we are out of the office, or you would like to place the referral yourself, you can download our referral agreement here

Place your Referral

Have you personally talked to your referral about this transaction?
Does your referral know that an assigned Real Estate Agent will be contacting them?
How do you know your referral?
Is your referral a buyer or a seller?
What type of Real Estate is this?
Do you have a preferred Agent that you would like to use on this transaction?* (If yes, you would need to confirm with them first that they are ok with our referral fee of 30% and 25% for sales below $200,000.)

Your referral has been submitted. You will receive an email from us to confirm that we received this form M-F, during business hours. If it is a business day and you have not heard from us within several hours, let us know as we might have not received this form in our email inbox. You can also place the referral yourself if you'd like, see the link at the top of this page, send us an email to if you go this route instead. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Steps to placing a referral

1. Please fill out the form on this page entirely, then click "Place Referral" at the bottom of the form. This form will go directly to our company email inbox. Once we receive this form in our email inbox, Monday-Friday, during business hours, we will send you an email that we have received this form, and we will let you know if we need any additional information. If you do not hear from us within a few hours, send us an email to confirm we did receive your referral.

If your referral is not a friend/family member, please view the stipulations here

2. We will do the research and find a top, qualified Agent, and send them our referral agreement contract to be signed by the Broker of their firm.

*If you have an Agent you would like this referral to go to, please provide us their full contact information on this form. We can work with your Agents just as long as they and their Broker are ok with our referral fee which is 30% for sale prices above $200,000 and 25% for anything lower. You would need to discuss this with your agents first before we reach out to them. 

3. Once we receive the executed referral agreement (on average takes up to 48 business hours), we will send the assigned Agent all of the contact information on your referral to connect.

4. We will notify you by email or phone that we have an executed referral agreement, and provide you with the assigned Agents full contact information for your records. 

*If you have an Agent that you would like to use, do not give them the contact information of your referral until we have an executed referral agreement first. If not, we lose all leverage to get the referral agreement back in a timely manner and it could alter the referral fee/commission structure of the transaction.*

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Make double on Buyers purchasing New Construction 

Reminder! If you have a buyer, are they looking to purchase new construction? If so, you can refer them directly to the builder and you are able to earn double the referral fee. This only works in the state that you are licensed in. If you are not sure if they are interested in buying new, find out first before referring them out to an agent. Once they are already referred out to an agent, it is not ethical to then refer them to the builder. You can get more details on how this process works in your training & marketing guide, click here to log in. If you have any additional questions on this, please email us.

-Make sure all fields with a * are filled out. If not, the form will not go through. 

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