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Referral Agreement

Park Place typically handles your referrals for you, in certain circumstances we do not. If you are wanting to get a referral out on your own, below is our referral agreement. We can work with any agent just as long as they and their company are ok with our referral fee which is 30% and 25% for sales below $200,000. Make sure the broker of the company signs our agreement and not the agent in order to guarantee they pay out the referral fee, as the agreement is between companies**. Once the referral agreement is executed, please email us a copy to and fill out the referral form here so we have all the details on this transaction and can file everything away. 


*You can login and get more details on how to place your own referrals here. The password is the same as the step by step marketing guide login, which is in your latest monthly newsletter in your email. 

Example: Below is an example of how to fill out the above referral agreement correctly. You would fill out the outline in yellow, the company you send the referral agreement to will fill out the rest. 

Referral Agreement for Park Place Realty Network.png

**It is important that the broker of the company or someone that can sign on their behalf signs this agreement in order to guarantee the referral fee, and not the agent. We've had issues in the past where the agent signed the agreement, left the company before the closing, and the broker disputes paying out the referral fee. Referrals are between company to company, and not agent to company. 

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