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The Referral Process

There are multiple ways to send out referrals through Park Place. Below are the different scenarios on how to send out your referrals worldwide. 

What is a typical referral that you refer out?

A typical referral is a friend, family or co-worker of one of our active agents that is looking to buy or sell any type of real estate, throughout the United States. You would refer out this referral here on our website and we will find a top agent in their market through our extensive database to make sure they are in the right hands. If you have an agent that you would like to use, we can use them as long as they are ok with our referral fee which is 25% for sales below $200,000 and 30% for anything higher.

Can I refer out a lead I generated on the internet?

Yes, you can refer out internet leads, but the process is a little different. In order to get out an internet lead, you would have to find the real estate agent to work your referral and get their broker to sign our referral agreement to move forward. Internet leads have a bad reputation in the real estate industry and have around a 10% closing ratio vs a friend/family that has a 60%+ closing ratio. We don't refer out your internet leads like we would a normal referral as agents we refer to won't take us as seriously on future referrals. You can turn internet leads into good referrals as long as you nurture the lead before referring it out to your agent. You would need an agent who knows how to work these types of leads, in many cases, a newer agent who has a lot of hustle. If you have an internet lead, refer it out here on our website and we will email you back the link on how to find a top agent. Park Place has several agents who refer out internet leads successfully. It's all in having the right systems in place. 

I have a referral that is an acquaintance that I have not talked to?

In order for us to refer this out for you, you would need to contact this referral to make sure that they do want to work with a real estate agent in their market. If so, we can then handle everything for you. If you do not talk with them, you can still refer this out but you would need to find the real estate agent and have their broker sign our referral agreement.

How can I refer out International referrals?

If you have a referral that is looking to buy or sell real estate outside the U.S., refer it out here on our website and we will email you back all the details for international referrals. Once we receive the info from you, we will do the research and find a few top brokers in your referrals market and email you over these contacts. You would need to reach out to these brokers to make sure they are ok with our 25/30% referral fee depending on price. If they are ok with our referral fees and you want to work with them, email us their company name, agent name, phone and email address and we will then secure the referral agreement with the broker of the company. We do it this way as the majority of our agents speak the language to the referring country. 

How do I refer out other types of real estate besides residential?

The guidelines above are all the same depending on if the referral is a family, friend, co-worker, internet lead or international referral. We can refer out all types of real estate the same way we do with residential real estate. There is no difference in the referral fee. You can get more details on referring out other types of real estate here.

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