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Steps to follow in order to earn a commission on new construction:

If you have a buyer who is interested in purchasing new construction in the state that you are licensed, instead of referring your buyer out to a full-time agent, you can take your buyer directly to the builder and we will handle the rest. You will earn 50% of the total commission as a referral fee versus 90% of a 25% referral fee. This only works in the state that you are licensed. If you have a buyer looking to buy new construction in another state that you are not licensed, send us an email and we might still be able to make it work. 

Research: If you have a buyer who is interested in new construction, find out their price range and the area that they are looking to purchase. Once you collect this data, go to our search homes page and find the right builder that matches their criteria. Or, build your own new home search website (see the bottom of this page). Your buyers can do their own search and let you know which subdivisions they have an interest in right from your own website. 

Registration: If you find a builder that matches what they are looking for, you would then need to set an appointment with the builder. Find out a time that works for your buyer so that you can meet them at the subdivision that they are interested in. Contact the builder's onsite agent to see when they are available to meet. Once at the subdivision, let the onsite agent know that you are an active real estate licensee under Park Place Realty Network (they usually have a sign in sheet for you to register). If, for some reason, you are not able to meet your client at the subdivision, contact the onsite agent to see if you have to be there. If you are not required, make sure that the onsite agent knows that you are the active agent for your prospect and set up an appointment time for your buyer. Follow up after the meeting to see how it went and if they are moving forward.

Please Note: Registration is the most important step because, if you don't get yourself registered right from the beginning, it can be hard to prove that you are the buyer's agent and deserving of the real estate commission. 

Notify Us: If your client decides to move forward with a builder. Please email us at admin@parkplacenetwork.com over all of the contact information of the onsite builders agent. We will then follow up with this transaction until it closes. 

If you are interested in getting more information on how to sell new homes and even get your own free webpage to promote new homes to your prospects, go to www.NewHomeSourceProfessional.com/park-place-realty-network to start a free account. You can see a sample of what your webpage will look like here

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