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Can I collect commission with my North Carolina Real Estate License as Inactive

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Question: I have an inactive real estate license in North Carolina, can I still collect real estate commission or does it need to be active?

Asked by: David P/North Carolina Real Estate Licensee

Expert Reply: Hi David, In order to collect any type of real estate commission, your real estate license would need to be active. If you need a place to hang your North Carolina real estate license, you can place it with our company as we are active there. We are a real estate referral company. Anybody that you know that is looking to buy or sell any type of real estate worldwide, we would refer it to a top agent in their market that would handle the entire sale. You would then make top dollar once the transaction closes as a referral fee. Also, being under a BIC in North Carolina, you are allowed to market yourself to anyone. Go to our website for all the details. I hope this answers your question.

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