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Christmas Real Estate Strategy

After so many properties sold during the busy summer season, the Christmas holidays are typically when most professional real estate agents decide to take a break from showings, exhausting negotiations, and closing deals. So, as expected, there is a noticeable slump in the number of properties sold during Christmas. Nevertheless, it is best to devise a tenable Christmas real estate strategy so that you do not lose out on any lucrative sales over the holidays.

Christmas balls

Of course, it is perfectly fine to reduce your activities and get a well-deserved rest during the Christmas festivities. However, it may be a grave mistake if you completely let yourself go. Sure, homebuyers prefer the spring and summer seasons to venture into buying a property. Yet, this does not mean winter should be underestimated. Even if there are not as many sales going on, you should still use the time to expand your influence and reach. For instance, you can try out a real estate referral program and see if you can share or attain new clients from other real estate agents.

Admittedly, you may not have as many opportunities to close a sale during the holidays. But precisely because you do not have any other responsibilities on your agenda, wintertime is the perfect season to perfect your marketing and customer satisfaction strategies. This kind of foresight will allow you to reap the benefits come spring as you attract new clientele over the winter. So, let’s take a look at a few strategies that can help promote your real estate services this Christmas.

Think about ways to improve your marketing

Just as people set down their New Year’s resolutions, many real estate agents use the Christmas holidays to anticipate what the next year may bring to them. Hence, it makes sense to critically analyze the extent to which your marketing efforts for the year paid off. In other words, assess the return on investment each marketing strategy brought to you and think ahead. What could you do this year to improve your reach, finances, and reputation? We have a few ideas on how you can improve your standing:

Update your website

Your online presence can be a good and efficient way to attract new clients next year. Use your website to put forward a recap of this year’s achievements. Yet, you can also present a few calls to action or overviews of future projects to entice interest. Potential clients will probably appreciate your online presence and proactive communication with your audience. Also, if your website is still not optimized for mobile phones, this is the perfect time to do so.

Keep in touch with your (prospective) clients through email marketing

Generating leads through an email marketing campaign is all the rage these days and for a good reason. Email marketing is an excellent way to expand your influence and get in touch with prospective (and current) clients. You can appeal to your email contacts with a simple but memorable holiday greeting card. Of course, be sure to integrate something useful for your clients into the email.

A short and sweet introduction to what you can do for them is a great way to show off your practices. You can also include an entertaining overview of current and future real estate trends. This is a good way to entice interest even in those people who may not have thought about purchasing real estate in the first place.

Or, you can make their planning easier by sending out a list of trusted moving agencies that do relocations in your area. Knowing that, for instance, does short and long-distance relocations in Maryland should help the client devise a relocation plan in time and make them appreciate your help and resourcefulness.

Stay active on social media

So, even if you plan to take a break this Christmas, not everything has to go to a standstill. Your social media posts and activities are a subtle way to promote your services, give advice, and show what lies in store after Christmas in an approachable way. What’s more, you can choose which audiences you want to reach based on your plans for the following year.

Remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to advertising through social media. But, just as with email campaigns, it makes sense to devise your social media marketing strategy so that it gives people something of value. Quirky Christmas ads are perfectly fine, but they can only take you so far. A better approach is to educate your audiences and provide relevant information.

For example, you can make a video explaining common staging mistakes, how to ‘winterize’ their home this Christmas, or office equipment packing strategies for an easy and stress-free transfer. Feel free to share industry tricks and insights in short, entertaining packages. Your efforts and real estate enterprise will stick to the hearts and minds of the audience.

Remind clients you are active during the holidays

All of the aforementioned real estate marketing strategies have a definite purpose. Namely, they serve to remind clients that you are available and active during the holidays. Hence, your marketing should be directed toward reassuring your clientele that they can still purchase property or list their homes for sale with your help. A single quick note or email newsletter could just as well turn into a gratifying project. So, if you have not tried this Christmas real estate strategy so far, now is a perfect time.

Written by: Lisa Robert with US Home Experts


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