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Florida Real Estate License Search Instructions

Find out how to use the dbpr’s Florida real estate license search page here. We'll also show you how to get around the dbpr’s puzzle of a phone system when calling so you can speak with someone quickly.

The license search on the dbpr’s website can get confusing at times. Below is the instructions on how to use their website to search for real estate licenses.

Once on the main page, click on verify a license, this will take you into the Florida real estate license search page.

Search by name tab:

This section can get pretty detailed. At minimum you need to add in a last name, first name or the organization name.

The additional search criteria area below, you can get even more detailed. Under this section, always check off real estate under the license category, if not it will pull up every licensee who has a license with the dbpr which is multiple industries.

If you are looking for a real estate company, you can type in the company name under organization/establishment name. Make sure you check off the box below that says “search names beginning with exactly what you typed”, if not it will pull up anything with the words you added versus the exact company you are looking for as there are thousands.

Search by license number tab:

If you already have the license number that you are looking for, simply type it under license number. Make sure you check off real estate under the license category. You can add in the license abbreviation SL, BK or BL if you’d like or not, it will accept both.

If you have the license number to the real estate company, this can also be added in this section to pull it up.

By having the exact license number is the quickest way to pull up a license. There are over 300,000 FL real estate licenses and many with the same name and area.

Search by city or county tab:

You’ll hardly use this section, the top 2 tab’s are used mostly.

The only box that needs to be check off is the license type and pick real estate under license category.

If you are looking for sales agents in Orlando, FL. Under license type click on real estate broker or sales.

Under City, type in Orlando.

Under special qualifications click on real estate sales associate.

Click search and all will pull up.

Search by license type tab:

This section is basically the same as above, simply follow the same instructions.

Calling the DBPR fast without going through their whole phone system:

Calling the dbpr can be a pain as they have a massive telephone prompt system and it’s like putting a puzzle together just to speak with someone.

To solve the puzzle, call 850-487-1395, when they ask for you to select a number click 1, 1, 1, 0 & 1.

Make sure you don’t just dial all the numbers at once, you have to wait a second, once they ask another question on what you’d like to do then type in the next number.

Bookmark this page to your computer so you can remember this number combination in the future.

We hope this information was informative for you. If you have a Florida real estate license and you need somewhere to place it and avoid Realtor/MLS fees, you can place it with us. Go to our website to see why we are the top real estate referral company.


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