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How do i make my Florida real estate license voluntary inactive

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Question: I would like to place my Florida real estate license voluntary inactive, how do I go about doing that voluntary so that way it is still in good standing?

Asked by: Mark Cox

Expert Reply: Hi Mark, If your license is not currently inactive, then it is probably active under a real estate company. In order to place your license inactive, you would need to contact your current broker and ask them to place your license on inactive status. They can do this through an online system that they have setup with the dbpr or they can go the old fashion route by having you sign a document from the dbpr that they would then fax to the dbpr to make you inactive. Being inactive means that you are still in good standing with your license, it just means you are not currently active under a real estate company in which you are not able to earn real estate commissions.

Please take a look at our company at, we are meant for agents who are inactive, they typically don't want to use their license to sell but instead refer worldwide and collect a referral fee. Park Place agents live all over the world with an active Florida real estate license.

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