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How do I put my Georgia real estate license on inactive status?

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Question: I have a Georgia real estate license that is currently active under a real estate company. I don’t want to pay Realtor or MLS fees and I want to put my license inactive. How do I go about doing this or are there other options to where I don’t have to pay these constant annual fees?


Asked by: Melinda Harris

Expert Reply: Your Georgia broker should have an online system set up with GREC to where they can make your Georgia real estate license inactive in a “timely manner” through GREC’s system. Or, they can also email over a document to GREC to make your license inactive, this route can take several days versus only minutes through the online system.


Our company is meant for agents that have an inactive real estate license in Georgia. We are not Realtor or MLS members so you would not have to pay their annual fees. Go to our website to see if we are a good fit for your Georgia real estate license.

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