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Question: Since your company is not a Realtor member, would I be required to still pay my board/MLS dues? Can I sell full-time with you all in Florida?

Asked by: Mary Sanders

Expert Reply: Hi Mary, you're correct, we are not members of the Board of Realtors of the MLS. This is how we are able to get around our current active agents from being required to pay those annual fees of $1,200+. But, we are not a full time company and are strictly a real estate referral company for agents that want to work part-time (some do refer full-time with hundreds of leads). When you know of someone who is looking to buy or sell real any type of real estate, worldwide, we would refer it out to a top agent who would handle everything for you. You would then make top dollar of the total commission as a referral fee. Go to our website to get all of the details on this.

If you are wanting to sell real estate full-time but are just trying to avoid paying your board dues, there really is no way around not paying them in order to sell full time. They are able to monitor your usage on the MLS through ip addresses so you can't borrow somebody else's login. In order to access many of the homes on the market, you would need an electronic key in which only Realtor members have access. Also, you would need to write contracts for properties that only Realtors have access to, if you use one of these contracts, you are setting your self up for copyright infringement. If you are trying to sell full-time, your best bet is paying the extra $1200+ a year for their memberships as they do provide a lot of services for their costs. I hope this answers your question.

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