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What can an inactive real estate agent do in Florida

Free real estate advise for inactive Florida agents

Question: I have a real estate license in Florida that is currently inactive and not under a brokerage. My question is, what can an inactive real estate agent do in Florida?

Asked by: Mike Simmons

Expert Reply: Hi Mike, you're not alone as there are over 90,000 inactive real estate agents in Florida, which is about 1/3 of all Florida real estate licensees. You currently can't do anything with your Florida real estate license while it is inactive. It has to be active under a brokerage in order to legally collect real estate commission. Right now you are paying the DBPR and completing the CE course every 2 years just to not lose your license and are not legally allowed to earn a real estate commission. The good thing though is that your license is in good standing if it is voluntarily inactive, it just needs to be active under a brokerage in order to earn real estate commissions from it legally again. There is a solution for inactive agents, go to our website here as we are a real estate license holding & referral company. You can activate your license with us, refer out your friends and family to the best agents worldwide on any type of real estate transactions and collect top dollar as a referral fee. If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

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