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What is the cost to renew my Florida real estate license?

The cost to renew your Florida real estate license with the DBPR have recently gone down. To pay your annual fee, go to the DBPR website at

Keep in mind that you must also complete your continuing education in order to be in good standing with FREC. If you are a sales associate and this is your first renewal, the requirement is 45 hours, for Brokers it is a 60 hour course. If you have already completed these courses previously, then the requirement is only 14 hours. You can get a list of approved real estate schools on our website here.

If you are inactive or are tired of paying the board of Realtors or the MLS, take a look at our website. You pay nothing to the board or the MLS and can live anywhere in the world and still be active.

Written by: Jeremy Weinberg

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