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Ways to market your Park Place website

If you are an agent of ours and have not already signed up for your free personal website, you can do so by clicking here. If you do have your website already up and running, below are some ideas on how you can market it as a way to generate leads to you. This website was built to help you capture leads. The form on this website will forward any of your leads directly to your email inbox.

Generate leads through Facebook

Through your own personal contact on Facebook. 

On your own personal Facebook account you can type in the link of your website. For example This will provide a link to your website along with the subject to what the website is about. Type in something above the website address so that your friends and family would want to check out your webpage. Something like “If you are looking to buy or sell real estate anywhere, please go to my webpage, I can assist you in making sure you are working with the top agent in your market.” Be sure to not only promote yourself on Facebook as most people do not like that. Copy the content on our Facebook page by adding things on your page that will keep them interested. Pictures of beautiful homes, tips on the real estate market etc… Free content in today’s world is key.

FB post 063015-1
FB post 063015-2

Place your website link on random Facebook pages. 

Go to other commercial Facebook pages and simply post your website address. When you input your address, it will add a link to your website along with the tags that we added to your website. For example: Maybe you want prospects in San Francisco since this is the most expensive real estate in the U.S. currently. Go to the San Francisco 49ers Facebook page, follow any of their recent posts, and simply add your website address. Give it a second and you will see your website link appear with the tags to your website. You could also give your input so people do not think you are just trying to spam them. Get creative on where you would like to post your link, it’s free.

Promote your website to millions of Facebook users by purchasing Facebook ads. 

Facebook has over 3 billion users. When you are on Facebook you will see “sponsored” ads that appear on your page. These ads are put on your page for a reason. Facebook has a way of knowing your interest as a consumer. Facebook is in the advertising business.

To promote your website you can make your own personal Facebook ad. To get started with a Facebook ad, click here. You can get very detailed on your Facebook ad. For example, 30-40 single male’s living in Ft. Lauderdale FL who rent and work as engineers. Figure out who the market is for your website. Your website is good for any buyer or seller of any type of real estate anywhere in the world. Go to the Board of Realtor’s website to get a great overview of buyers & sellers. Keep in mind that buying Facebook ads can cost you some money so it’s good to know exactly what you are doing. Go to this page to get a great overview on how to place Facebook ads. Below are a couple of examples of some ads you can copy from.

FB post 063015-3

Through other sources

Promote your website on blogs.

Search for blogs where you would think buyers and sellers of real estate would be. In the comments section, write a little something and then post your website link and a reason for them to click it. You might not see immediate results, but the more you post out there the better your chances will be.

Other social media outlets.

If you use LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or the many other social media sites. Take advantage of it! Post your web address like we talk about above. The more your web address is out there on social media platforms, the better your chances are of getting a lead. 

Web address on the signature of your email. 

If you send a lot of emails to friends,family, clients etc..., make sure you have your web address on your email signature. Also include a reason for them to click on your website. Use a quote like "Get connected with a top real estate pro in your area" then have the website address. 

The above are just a few examples of what you can do to promote your website online. Be creative, figure out who your target market is and promote to them. Go to your Training & Marketing Guide to get more details on how to promote yourself. If you have any questions or would like to brainstorm some ideas with us, let us know as we are always here for you.

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