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  • Real Estate Agent's Guide to Networking

    To thrive as a real estate agent, you need connections. And what better way to earn them than networking? In our real estate agent’s guide to networking, we lay out exactly how you can work towards that. Start by fixing your mindset The first advice we can offer in our real estate agent’s guide to networking is to work on your mindset first. You see, many people tend to put down their ability to network. Concerns such as being too shy or just plain horrible at networking are common. However, consider this: real estate agents do their jobs by relying on their ability to socialize and convince buyers to commit to a purchase. Do you think you could do your job without the ability to socialize and thrive in social situations in general? So, you need to spend less worrying and more time preparing. It is just your confidence that is lacking when faced with an unfamiliar challenge, after all. Lay proper groundwork While it may sound counterintuitive, establishing your online presence is the first step to ensuring your networking goes well. Nowadays, many people tend to check out a person's site or social media before committing to anything to get a relative handle on their personality and success. Having little to no online presence can make it harder for people to decide they want to work with you. Some might even outright reject working with you since a lacking online presence is sometimes seen as a lack of professionalism, especially if you don’t even have a site or a social media page for your real estate business. By building a solid online reputation, you get ahead of such things and make your networking easier. Give yourself something to work with While it can be hard to manage your time as a real estate agent, you need to give yourself enough leeway for a hobby or a fun activity. Maybe even pick up some sort of sport! That is because, ultimately, networking depends a lot on your interactions with people. Without an exciting conversation topic to fall back on, you might hit a lot of dead ends. No one wants to spend all their time around a person obsessed with nothing but work. Besides, having a hobby will help you relax and unwind, better preparing you for the rigors of your job. Try to connect with a business that would go well with your own Even if you think nothing of the rest of our real estate agent’s guide to networking, remember this: you need to find businesses you can cooperate with. Now, what do we mean by that? Many companies can perfectly cooperate with a real estate agent since no conflict of interest is at play. We are talking about businesses like cleaners, packing services, and movers. You can help your clients by recommending genuinely good businesses to them, such as assisting them in finding moving quotes to find the best options for relocation or recommending reliable cleaners. In return, those same businesses can recommend you to their customers through a referral. Therefore, allowing everyone to grow together! Spread the word of mouth Word of mouth is a powerful tool in a real estate agent’s arsenal, and you need to leverage it. The way to do this is relatively simple: ensure your clients are satisfied. If you know how to keep real estate clients coming back, word will eventually spread and make any networking much easier on your part. After all, people want to work with reliable real estate agents. Reputation counts a lot in the industry, and once you’ve established yours both online and in the real world, people will take you a lot more seriously. Don’t be needlessly pushy As the marketing experts from Pro Movers Miami like to point out, you’ll never get far by being pushy with your clients. Well, the same logic perfectly applies to networking. If you try to force a connection between you and the representatives of various businesses and even clients, all you’ll do is come across as rude. And no one wants to work with a pushy, irritating real estate agent. They need someone reliable and focused on their work. And intrusive behavior gives off an opposite impression. Therefore, learning to politely and quietly accept a refusal is as essential as anything else. Picking the right sort of events Picking a suitable networking event is just as crucial as all your other prep. First, of course, there are various industry events and even workshops. That provides a perfect setting for meeting many people in the same industry as you. Second, there are local community events. Organizing charity work, galas, and other events bolster the community spirit you want to feature prominently. Then, there are events and seminars you can visit and personally host. Finally, there’s volunteer work, which will put you at the forefront of your community and offer you a lot of chances to make connections. Have the right tools for networking In a real estate agent’s guide to networking, we would be remiss, not to mention that you need some prep work before you’re ready to mingle. Namely, you must look at the part and have all the requisites to properly network. Start by getting yourself some nice clothing you can wear to events, and then print out some lovely business cards. People might not have a pen and paper, and entering data on your phone can sometimes take too long. You want to get yourself some valuable referrals, not drive them away by forcing them to bend over backward to get your info down! Improvements and a good work ethic We hope you found our real estate agent’s guide to networking useful! Remember, however, that networking takes a lot of time and effort. You’ll slowly get better at it, but even when you are much better established, you do not want to stop trying to make new connections. Written by: Lisa Roberts with US Moving Experts

  • How to Keep Real Estate Clients Coming Back

    In most cases, purchasing a house is the single most significant financial commitment a client will ever make. And, while your customers may be pleased with their purchase, your work is just getting started. For the highest-earning brokers and businesses, the close of one deal marks the commencement of another. Customer retention is the most critical factor in expanding a real estate company. It can be up to 25 times more expensive to win over a new customer than to keep an old one. That is why it's crucial to establish a reputation as the go-to business for consumers considering buying a second house, selling their present residence, or suggesting a new one to their friends and family. For this reason, today, we discuss how to keep real estate clients coming back. 1. Be Kind the First Time Around Doing a fantastic job the first time is the best way to keep real estate clients coming back. According to a Massachusetts Real Estate News poll, buyers' primary gripe about their broker is poor communication. When you get a new client, it helps to be well-organized so that you never miss a call and arrive promptly for scheduled meetings. That said, the software now facilitates two-way communication between clients and agents and streamlines administrative processes for brokers and agents. You should also make an effort to reduce their anxiety at all costs. Customers will remember you favorably for future real estate purchases if you keep them apprised of the transaction's progress. 2. Become Familiar With Your Clients Create a bond with the consumer that isn't only based on business transactions. The strength of the initial bond you forge with a customer determines how likely they will remain a customer over time. Customers like to feel like they are a part of a tight-knit group. Therefore, it is essential to keep them updated and ask questions demonstrating your interest in their input. If you don't talk to your potential clients or customers throughout the sales and pre-sale phases, staying in contact will be far more difficult after closing the transaction. How do you initiate contact with customers to begin forming a relationship with them? Creating forms for your clients to fill out is one way of doing it. However, most customers nowadays would prefer a quicker, more engaging approach. Once again, conversational chatbots may streamline this procedure by asking pertinent questions at the appropriate times. Ask your consumers about themselves and their lives to learn more about them. Keep in mind that the typical homeownership tenure is seven years. 3. Show Your Appreciation to Your Clients Sending new clients thank-you emails or letters after a transaction or after they've moved in demonstrates two things. It proves both gratitude and dedication on the part of the real estate company. According to Best Movers in Florida experts, some businesses would even leave housewarming presents, each tailored to a certain kind of customer. Remember that you can't purchase your customers' loyalty, even if you go the extra mile to demonstrate your appreciation by giving them a gift. However, these letters and gift baskets aren't just a nice gesture; they're an investment in the future of your relationship with the customer. 4. Initiate Contact for Special Occasions The more time you spend with your customers, the more you learn about them. Things like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and holidays. Insist that your staff proactively record and enter these dates into a database. A well-timed expression of goodwill goes a long way toward cementing your presence in their life. Special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries are perfect for sending personalized messages to your customers. However, if you deal with a high volume of customers, automation software can simplify this task. You may link a conversational AI solution, such as a customer relationship management system, with your customers. That will help you record all the important events in their lives so you can send them something meaningful on special occasions. 5. Maintain the Interest of Your Clients to Keep Real Estate Clients Coming Back As an excellent real estate agent, you are responsible for assisting clients in resolving any issue they have. It's not easy to keep a household running smoothly, so any assistance a business may provide is much appreciated. Deep cleaning, painting, pest treatment, and furniture rental are just a few services that might benefit from partnerships with other businesses to keep clients coming back. Doing so shows your consumers that you care about them and are willing to go the extra mile for them. That will smooth up their experience after the transaction. 6. Ask For Feedback Providing consumers with the information they want is one thing, but measuring how successfully you did so is another. After a customer service transaction, for example, proactively asking for feedback shows that you value the client's thoughts and feelings. It demonstrates your willingness to adapt after receiving constructive criticism. There are many ways to collect feedback. That includes offline surveys, but you can also use online tools to help you with this process. 7. Serve as Your Customers’ Go-to Real Estate Expert When talking about how to keep real estate clients coming back, there is no better method than being a helpful resource to your customers. Make yourself the go-to resource for everything they would need for their house. Be available after they move in to provide recommendations for service providers such as landscapers, plumbers, electricians, and roofers. Furthermore, by networking with similar businesses, you can increase the likelihood that they will refer their clients to you. Additionally, it is essential to inform prior customers about their region's market activity, mortgage rate changes, and significant developments that might affect property prices. If you position yourself as an expert and a helpful resource, your previous customers will remember you and want to work with you again. Written by: Lisa Roberts with US Moving Experts

  • How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit from Self-Storage

    In order to be a successful real estate agent, it is crucial to understand what lies behind a successful buying or selling process. Furthermore, it is essential to recognize what your client needs and expects. In other words, you are not just dealing with a property transaction. You are also helping your client come closer to achieving their goals and dreams. And anything that can help you help your clients do that is a skill, tool, or resource worth having. For this reason, we will discuss how real estate agents can benefit from self-storage. Not many real estate agents know that having access to a self-storage unit can come a long way. Depending on the market conditions, you must make the property listings as appealing as possible. So, in a seller’s market, you want to make the property eligible for sale as quickly as possible. The opposite is also true. You want to cater to buyers in a buyer’s market by making the property shine with its full potential. Both situations require work and effort on your and your client’s behalf. However, you can make the whole process much smoother and more efficient if you have a self-storage unit. Let’s look at the variety of ways you can benefit from it. Staging homes is much easier with a self-storage unit Staging is an oft-relied-on real estate market strategy because it streamlines the selling process. In this day and age, many, if not most, buyers browse homes online. And an attractive interior is a must for marketing a property through appealing photographs. So, if your client wants to consider staging, you should ensure it is done right. Furthermore, staging helps the seller reach serious buyers as staged homes sell faster and for more money. Buyers can see the home's potential more easily if it is already tastefully decorated and renovated. So they can imagine themselves living in that home much easier. Staging a home is a lucrative, intelligent move that benefits both sides of the selling process. In most cases, your clients will expect quick and efficient service on your part. This is mostly due to the fact they have fixed deadlines when they have to move in or move out of their home. Aside from a storage unit, another way to cater to your client's needs involves collaboration with a respectable moving company, as suggested by the professionals from müv | Trusted Florida Movers. Spreading out your professional network and offering more than your typical real estate agent services will improve your client’s overall experience of working with you. How can a self-storage unit help with staging? However, you cannot expect to execute a good marketing strategy if the home is cramped with old or unsightly furniture and decoration. In most cases, you have to make adjustments to the current layout of the homeowner, even if they still reside in the home. So, staging has to fulfill certain aesthetic and practical expectations, and a self-storage unit can help you do this. Basically, with a self-storage unit, you can store away all the items in the home that might not fit into the typical clean-cut, depersonalized, neutral standard of staged homes. Also, storage units come in a variety of sizes and satisfy a range of purposes. As a real estate agent, you might not find the rather small 5x5 units rather useful, so it makes more sense to go for at least a 10x10 unit. These units can easily fit in large pieces of furniture and decoration. So, make sure you choose a storage unit that can accommodate the usual quantities of furniture that your clients need to store away. You can declutter the home thanks to self-storage You can help your client make the best out of their home by transporting all personal belongings, artwork, or furniture that is outdated, delicate, or inadequate to the self-storage unit. In this way, you can guarantee the safety of their belongings while, at the same time, improving the outlook of a quick and easy sale. If you happen to need help with transporting surplus furniture to your self-storage unit, you can solve this problem by contacting a local Orlando moving company. With the help of experienced and flexible movers, you can reach any part of the city in no time. In this way, you can speed up the beginning of the staging process and, in turn, the overall home purchase process. Furthermore, it is not just the living area of the property that you should declutter comprehensively. Even though it may be the main selling point of the home, it is important not to neglect other areas of the property. For instance, you can also tidy up the garden and backyard area. So, a self-storage unit can also help you improve the curb appeal of the home. The same applies to storage areas that the home possesses. Even though that is essentially their purpose, stuffing furniture and home decor in the attic, basement, garden shed, closets, and other storage space that the property has is actually not such a good idea. Many homebuyers want to have an accurate assessment of the amount of space they have at their disposal. You can use the self-storage for your own purposes Storage units are also invaluable when it comes to the organization of your own workflow. It is much easier to take control of the logistics of placing “For Sale” and “Open House” signs to mark available properties. In fact, real estate agents can benefit from self-storage by developing their signage game even further. So, you can expand the variety of signs to directional signs that will guide potential homebuyers to the property. And considering these kinds of signs have to be large to be effective or noticeable, you will need a storage unit where you can easily access them at any time of the day. Written by: Lisa Roberts with US Moving Experts

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  • Real Estate Referral Company | Park Place Realty Network

    Refer Your Family & Friends to the Best Agents all over the World and get paid Top dollar as a Referral Fee. We can refer to your Agents too. All of our 1,000+ Active Park Place Real Estate Agents are able to work our program from home. Pay $0 to the Board of Realtors or the MLS. Earn 90% with No hidden Transaction Fees. Personal Lead Capturing Website, Free. Activate Your Real Estate License with the Leading Real Estate Referral Company and start earning a portion of the Real Estate Commission, off of ALL types of Real Estate Transactions, ALL over the World! To receive a Free sign-up packet, please fill out the form. Full Name Phone Email Address My License is Active Inactive Not Yet Licensed Any Questions? SEND Average Referral Commission Paid out to our Park Place Agents last year: $3,316. Specializing in International Real Estate Referrals | Residential & Commercial Get All the Details Now Place your license and your referrals with a company you can trust. Park Place has successfully been in business for over 10 years with 75+ combined years of Broker knowledge and support. We've handled thousands of referral transactions since 2010. The vast Real Estate industry can be very complex, one of our licensed brokers is available to speak with you directly, Monday-Friday, during business hours.

  • Lenders | Park Place Realty Network

    Lender Affiliation with Park Place Park Place is one of the largest real estate referral companies throughout the United States. We have over 1,000 active real estate agents who refer out their residential and commercial real estate prospects to top real estate agents worldwide who will then pay back a referral fee to our active agent who referred them the business. We do not refer business to lenders due to strict RESPA laws. But, there is a way that we can do business together, through real estate rebates back to your buyer that can help them pay for their closing costs, especially in this tight market we are currently in. Real Estate Rebates Since your buyer is a 3rd party to the real estate transaction, they are legally allowed to receive a portion of the real estate commission which is called a real estate rebate. Real Estate rebates are legal throughout 40 U.S. states. The rebate can be used to pay a portion of their closing costs, or can be paid back to the buyer at closing. Park Place will Refer it out so your buyer will get 20% back at closing Park Place has handled thousands of referral transactions since 2010. If you are a part of our affiliation, we can now refer any of your potential buyers out to a top local agent in one of the 40 U.S. states above that will handle the entire transaction. They will rebate your buyer back 20% of the total commission as a real estate rebate. Ex. $500,000 sales price, x 3% commission = $15,000, x 20% rebate= $3,000 back to your buyer at closing. ​ You will be notified by Park Place, right away, of the agent that we will refer your buyer to that way you can connect with them. They will also have all of your contact information so they can reach out to you. Join our affiliation at no cost To join our affiliation and become active in our system so you can start referring out any clients, please fill out the short form below. We can then email you back the links that you can use to refer out any of your buyers that need a top real estate agent that can rebate them back 20% of their commission. Full Name Phone Email Address NMLS ID Any Questions? SEND Thank you, sent, one of the brokers will get back to you very soon! If you have any questions, please send us an email to or give us a call at 407-878-0607. We look forward to potentially working with you soon!

  • FAQ's | Park Place Realty Network

    FAQ's Q: Why become a Network Associate? A: If you have a real estate license in the states of either Florida, Georgia or North Carolina and are not actively using it as a full-time agent, activate your license with us. You will earn top dollar by referring out your friends and family to the best agents worldwide on any type of real estate sale. Q: How exactly do I earn a referral fee? A: When you place a referral with us through our website, we will make sure your referral is in the right hands with a top agent in their market, on any type of real estate sale. This top agent will handle the entire transaction for us. Their broker will then pay Park Place a referral fee once the transaction closes. We can pay our agents quickly through ACH payment. Click here for a better example . Q: What if I leave your company to go and sell real estate full-time? A: Many of our agents leave our company to go and sell real estate full-time, and then come back to us when they don't want to sell real estate anymore and instead will place worldwide referrals. If you leave and come back within your annual renewal with us, we can re-activate your license for free. Also, we can pay you on any outstanding referrals that close up to 365 days from the day you leave our company vs the standard of other brokers that will keep your fee the day you leave. These are your referrals, you deserve to get paid on them. Q: Will I really get my own Park Place webpage for free? A: Yes, we will build you your own website page in which you can use to promote your referral business online. This website is built to help you capture personal referrals. You can see an example of what your webpage would look like here . This website is free to all new Park Place agents. *You will also get your own builder search website too, at no cost, you can it view here . You can link this new home website to the above referral webpage. Q: Bottom line, what is my out of pocket expense to be active in your company? A: The only fee you have to stay active in our company is an annual administration fee of $100. This can be paid annually by credit card, or you can mail us a check. To sign up, click here . Q: Does Park Place have an errors & omissions insurance policy? A: Yes, Park Place holds a company errors & omissions policy in-case of any negligence. Q: Which states can I have a real estate license in and be active with your company? A: We currently can activate your real estate license if you are licensed in either Florida, Georgia or North Carolina. Keep in mind, you can live anywhere in the world and refer all over the world, you just need to be licensed in one of these states. If your license is in another state besides these three, you can easily get a Georgia license through reciprocity by filling out an application without having to take a test, and then placing that license with us. Get more details on this here . Q: What type of real estate am I able to refer out and collect a referral fee? A: You can refer out and earn a referral fee on residential, commercial, business brokerage, industrial, new construction & property managing real estate. The only type of real estate to where it is difficult to receive a referral fee is on residential rentals. Get all the details here . *Our agents typically refer out their friends and family which are personal contacts. We can also refer out online or International leads, the referral process is just a little different. Q: Can the annual administration fee be used as a tax write-off? A: In many cases, the annual administration fee and any home office or mileage expenses can be used as a tax write-off. In some cases, the cost of your administration fee will be off-set by the savings you'll receive from your tax return. Consult with your CPA if you have any questions or concerns. Q: How do I know if your company is legitimate? A: Go to the the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation's website here , our license number is CQ1036946. In this section you have two options. One, click on "view license complaint" you will see we have no complaints. Two, click on "view related license information" you will see the many active licensees who have trusted us to place their license with our firm. Also take a look at our Facebook page here , view the feedback, conversations, and photos that take place on this page. Another great option is Google. Go to , type in our company name and research the internet exposure that we have. See our many great testimonials here . Q: If I'm the one buying or selling, can I still earn a referral fee? A: Yes, you would refer yourself out just like a regular referral. Park Place will make sure you are in the right hands with a top agent to handle the entire transaction for you. You would then earn the referral fee once the transaction closes. Q: If I am coming to Park Place Realty Network from full-time status, can I maintain my membership in the local Board of Realtors and/or multiple listing services? A: No, as a Network Associate, you will no longer have the expenses of those memberships. We are not members of any Board or MLS and is how we are able to get around those associations requiring our agents to pay those fees. *But, you are allowed to be an active, full-time Realtor in another state that you might have a license in. We have many agents who are full-time Realtors in another state and they refer out their outside business through Park Place. Q: How do I know that you are referring my prospect to the right agent? A: Park Place specializes in real estate referrals. We have several ways we go about finding the top agent in each market. From recent sales data on over 1 million active real estate agents to established relationships with relocation directors who work for the largest real estate companies in the industry. Our main job is to make sure our referrals are working with the best agents in the business. Q: Can I choose the agent who will receive my referral leads? A: Yes, we place no restrictions on to whom, or to which brokerage company, you can refer your leads, as long as they are willing to work with our program. Their broker would just have to be ok paying our referral fee which is 30% and 25% for any sales below $200,000. The fee is paid on the closing of the buy or sell side of the transaction. Q: Can I send my real estate referrals out Internationally, really? A: Yes, we have the resources to find and refer out your referrals to top brokers all over the world. Referrals do vary however from country to country as real estate laws are different in each country. Park Place is not involved in the real estate transaction whatsoever, we are strictly referring to another real estate company for a referral fee. Q: Are you able to convert my real estate commission to U.S. currency if it is an International referral? A: Yes, Park Place will convert the real estate commission to U.S. currency at no cost. Keep in mind that the exchange rate will vary depending on which country the check is coming from. You can get an idea on current exchange rates here . Checks can sometimes take up to 30 days to clear, but usually much sooner. Q: What is the advantage of keeping my license active? A: You are not legally able to collect any type of Real Estate commissions or referral fees by staying Inactive. Your Real Estate license needs to be under a Broker in order to earn a real estate commission. By staying inactive, you are paying fees to the state and real estate schools for CE and are not allowed to earn any type of real estate commission in this status. Q: How can you legally collect a real estate commission outside the state/country you're licensed in? A: Referral fees are paid between broker to broker and are completely legal. We are referring real estate business to a broker in a state or country that is legally licensed to practice there and we do not interfere with the transaction whatsoever once it is referred out. Q: Can I continue as a referral associate if I move out of state or even the U.S.? A: Yes, the majority of our agents live outside of the state that they are licensed in. We have active agents who live as far as Japan. See how easy it is to make money in referrals here . Sign Up Now

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