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Below are a few quick ideas on how to generate referral business. You can get much more details in your Training & Marketing Guide.

Social Networking & Marketing Tips

Ask for Real Estate Business

The best way to get referral business is as easy as simply asking your family and friends. Ask them if they are looking to buy or sell real estate or if they know anyone who is. Remember, it does not just have to be in Florida, but anywhere in the world and any type of real estate. Your job as a Network Sales Associate is networking. Most buyers and sellers of real estate do not understand the process. Buyers do not know that it costs them hardly anything to use the services of a real estate agent. In most cases, it is free, as the seller is the one who pays the commission. Sellers do not know the process except for what they have heard through their neighbors. Your job is to help them connect with the right real estate professional. The only way they are going to know that this is what you do, is by asking them. Below is a list of other professionals that you might want to consider asking for real estate referral business:


College classmates
Doctors, dentists and nurses
Electricians, plumbers and handymen
Facebook friends

Fellow hobbyists

Friends and associates of your spouse

Insurance agents


Members at your place of worship

Members of your clubs

Parents of children's friends

People at parties

People you play cards with

P.T.A. members

Salespeople in stores you frequent


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One of the best social networking sites to use is Facebook. It's a fast and easy way to let friends and family know what you're doing and how you can help them. It's also an easy way to network to people who are not currently friends or family and there is no cost to do this. Facebook currently has over 3 billion users worldwide, nearly 68% of the population in North America uses Facebook, and accounts for 1 out of 5 page views on the internet worldwide.

There are currently two options you can use on Facebook to help you succeed in business:


1. If you do not have your own personal page already, start by clicking here. Once you have your account up and running, add a personal photo of yourself, and also add your personal description. From there, go through and find your friends and family to add to your page. You will be amazed at the amount of people that you know on facebook. Keep an eye out on your page to see if anyone is mentioning buying or selling real estate, remember you are able to collect the referral fee anywhere in the U.S. and most of the world. 

2. If you currently have a Facebook page another option is starting a business page. You could use a name like “John Doe with Park Place Realty Network”. Click here to start your page. This is a great way to promote yourself outside of your personal contacts. Make sure you put some type of update on this page 2-3 times a week to help generate views.


*Just make sure you refrain from using the term Realtor or giving specific real estate advice.

*If you are an Agent of ours, feel free to copy the content from our Facebook

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Your Own Park Place Website 

We provide you with your own lead generating website. This website is a great tool to use to get referral business online. You can use your website link to promote yourself on many of the ideas that we give you on this page. You can get many more ideas on where to promote your website here. Also, be sure to check out our Training & Marketing guide which is available only to active Park Place agents. You can access this guide here


Another good site for social networking aimed more towards business is LinkedIn. They don't have as many users as Facebook but LinkedIn specializes in business and their users are mostly all professionals. To start your page click here. Begin your profile by filling in as much detailed information as possible. Once your page is setup and looks great, start off by finding people that you personally know. Once you have your personal base, venture out and request friends of your friends to keep expanding. Use some of the same material that you use on Facebook on your LinkedIn account. Remember to always post things that are useful to the viewer. Keep an eye out for your contacts talking about buying and selling real estate.

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Email Signature

If your signature on your personal email is not professional looking, there are ways you can make it look more professional. The setup on most email servers is very advanced. You are able to change the font, size, color, add images etc… You can also add a link to your website, facebook, or LinkedIn page. If you have an old email that receives a lot of junk mail and spam, it might be smart to start a new one to use for business only. You can get a great free email account through or Make sure to add all of your contacts to your email account for your convenience.

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Email a monthly Newsletter

A great cost effective way to market today is by email. Start collecting email addresses from all of your friends and family throughout the world. Start emailing them a monthly real estate newsletter. In the newsletter provide them with home improvement tips or updates to what is happening in the real estate market nationally and internationally. Keep in mind that you want ideas that can benefit them so they will continue to read your newsletter every month. At the bottom of the newsletter, remind them of what you do. Tell them to contact you if they, or anyone they know, is looking to buy or sell real estate throughout the World. Click here for a company that already has a great newsletter prepared for your monthly newsletter. All you have to do is subscribe to their service and upload your email contacts.  

We are always here for you!

If you are having trouble thinking of ways to produce referrals, talk with one of the Brokers. They are more than happy to spend time talking with you, to put together a plan, for you to produce more business. Give us a call at 407-878-0607.

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