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What does a real estate referral company actually do

Free real estate referral advise

Question: I am an active real estate agent and I see all of your marketing pieces but am confused, what does a real estate referral company actually do? How can I benefit from your program if I am active selling locally?

Asked by: John Robinson/Keller Williams

Expert Reply: Hi John, great questions as many agents do get confused. We are an active real estate company currently licensed in the states of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. Our main focus is on agents within these 3 states who do not want to sell real estate full-time. Instead, they place their license with us and refer out their real estate referrals to top agents worldwide who do sell real estate full-time. These agents we refer it to, their company will pay us a referral fee and we then pay back a big portion of this fee back to our active agent. Our main job is to make sure that the referrals we send out are in the right hands with a top agent. See the link below if you have any interest.

Florida Broker for Park Place Realty Network


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